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Psy + chill vinyl sale

Nanook Jan 13, 2005

  1. Nanook

    Nanook In the kitchen, studio or gym.

    Likes Received:
    havent really got much but is anyone interested in a few tunes on vinyl?

    - KLF> Last train to trancentral <single, 1991>
    - Transglobal Underground> International times <album, 1994>
    - Orb> ORBlivion <album, 1997>
    - Shpongle> Tales of the inexpressible <album>

    PSY + TECH:
    - Orichalcum> Wicked mille, The curse of Uquabar <Tip world single 012>
    - Fools and tools <Twisted records white label, 2xsingle>
    - Freon> heavens gate + Gothic dream <''In trance we trust'' records>
    - KoxBox> Dragon Tales < Blue room records 1997, album>
    - Grey Hawk> Future embracement <DJAX up beats, 1995>
    - Eat Static> In the nude <Mesmobeat 2001, album>

    info/posted on request. Open to sensible offers.
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