Psy Craft - Computech (HOMmega)

Eyal Yankovich

Junior Members
Psy Craft are Alon Algrasi and Nir Sidon from the south of Israel. Both members have a rich background playing keyboards and guitars as they started making trance music in 1995 and have been with HOMmega since its very beginning. Psy Craft released their debut album - "Gravitech" in 2001 and their 2nd album – "New Moves" in 2004. They have remixed tracks of Space Cat and PsySex and their tracks appear on HOMmega and T.I.P World CDs.

Along the work on this ground breaking new album, Psy Craft have made a great leap in their technical skills and sound production earning the respect of the whole trance scene. Their new sound is very warm with a solid drive and crystal clear developments taking the listener to the edge of musical stimulation. The album includes 10 tracks, among them "Borderline", which was chosen to open the last Raja Ram mix CD – "The godfather" (on the album is a fresh new version never released before), the highly acclaimed remix for Infected Mushroom & Yahel's eternal hit – "Electro panic", a collaboration track with Beat Hackers and many more dancefloor anthems that simply can't be ignored. The opening track of this magical journey – "Dirtbag", is actually a radio song written by Psy Craft and produced by no other than Infected Mushroom, who also mastered the album.


1. Dirtbag
2. Feel the vibe
3. Borderline
4. Bad girl
5. Electro panic (remix)
6. On the edge
7. Law of karma
8. Computech
9. Night drive
10. Inside your heaven

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Release date: November 24, 2005