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Just wondering if anyone has thought of making a psy-forum comp CD?
Everyone could send their tracks to someone who has the resources to make the CD then it could be sold on psy-forum.
Maybe the person producing could make a shortlist of songs for the cd then a vote could be held and the top songs get put on the cd.
The only problem I could think of was how to split money. One idea I had was once the expenses are paid, the money could be donated to psy-forum to cover their running costs.
The CD would give the artists a chance for their names to be spread and they could place a passage with a personal statement and their contact info in the in-lay card for people to learn more.

What do people think?
PsyMike was talking about this a while ago but I don't know what happened with it....would be a good idea...
The best thing to do would be to brake down the task into jobs and then once people have voluntered for each role it could start. It could be broken down into enough parts so that it is not one overwhelming task. Maybe;

~ Artists
~ Cover designer
~ Cover Printing
~ CD producing - (Does not need to be mixed)
~ CD manufactor - (high quality CDR made on PC could be used for first release)
~ Distributer who also puts cd cases together with cd.

I dont know much about producing so I am not too sure what else there is.

Why was the idea of making an album dropped last time?
sounds like a good idea. it's more like:

- Get the songs together and mastered;
- Album cover in the right format (I know soliptic knows a bit about this;
- Send it to some company to make it, if u want it done pro.

yeah, like Alt'Con' said, this was allegedly in progress.

and like sax says, I've managed a couple of DIY cds in the past so I've contacts with affordable duplicators, and know all the necessary faff that needs to happen with artwork, printing, and so on.

really not hard.... in fact find me 70 minutes of music and fifteen hundred quid, i'll have you a pro cd within a month :hehe:
nice idea, get some cash off a new deal 4 musicains if anyone unemloyed , my nm8 just scored 4 £1000 to print upa batch of cds!!!

How about a 2cd album, wich one cd contains progressive material and one downbeat/ambient trax. I think progressive music and downbeat/ambient it is not compareable. Every artist can provide one progressive track and one downbeat and every member can vote two times, one for progre... :?
Sunny greetz, Tom
JPsychodelicacy said:
Uhh - why only progressive and downbeat?

There's got to be room for *some* stompers on there!

There should be room for a bit of everything on there.

The best Psy-squardancing anthems everrrrrrrrr.
The problem I see is getting the initial money together. Maybe it should be started as a DIY project for the first release then use the money made to produce a professional second release. When I say DIY I simply mean the inserts and the CD production.
The other solution is for someone to put their neck on the line and put up the cash.....

Any other ideas?
Just a tip: find some sponsors, make a big party with their $ + voluntered DJ and stuff and get those "fifteen hundred"...

I would order a Psy Forum Comp CD, sure!
Anyone know of people willing to sponser such an idea? Do you think everything will need to be ready for production before you can get a sponser?
Should probably have been clearer

that £1500 was rounded up for starters, i think our actual bill was £1364 or something.

it bought us 1000 cds....... whereas a project like this would almost certainly stick to a run of 500. (in fact, given the difficulty psy labels have shifting 1000 copies, even 500 is ambitious, but u cant get runs in any lower quantities - not unless u want to be sorely raped, financially speaking). dont go halving the cost of 1000 to find out the cost for 500, tho, because the cost is S+(u*N ), where S is fixed setup charges, N is your unit cost, and u is your number of units. owing to the large scale of S, even 500 is really quite uneconomical.

S includes things like creation of a glass master from your redbook, the creation of films for the artwork, etc.

N includes the printing cost for the booklet etc, the cd itself, the jewel case/packaging, shrink wrapping, etc.

also, on this cd, we had:

- 16 page booklet, full colour throughout
- full colour printing on CD

both added a lot to the cost and are almost certainly not the droid for this sort of project!

So, if u do something like our second CD instead, with 4 page booklet, colour on the outside, B&W on the inside, and B&W on the cd itself... u can get a lot cheaper. Hard to give a direct comparison tho, because that was a different duplicator (who we subsequently learnt was a bit of a rip-off merchant). FWIW, the initial 500 CD run we did on that project was about £970, IIRC; while the factory we used for the third CD might be able to undercut that, I doubt it would be by all that much (as explained above).

also bear in mind i put in at least 80 hours of unpaid work on the artwork for that cd, followed by another 12 hrs or so with a professional graphic designer (again, unpaid) to iron out the colour separations, bleed areas and all that scary shit, ready for print.... a potential cost i wasnt including.... however i'm fairly confident psyforum has some talented graphicians who'd be up for working pro bono :Smile3:

final note - psymike WAS already working on this so hold your horses :hehe: if u guys can find sponsors and whatnot i'm sure he'd like your input, but it might be worth asking him what stage he reached with this idea, for all i know he could be much further advanced than we realise.
Thanks for the info. Although I would be interested in helping with such a project, as a student I dont have the money or the knowledge to think about getting this sort of thing off the ground. I just thought it would be a good idea and wondered how hard it would be.

I think the knowledge is covered..... not just because i did it all in May, I'm sure there are a few other ppl with the knowledge here too!

And the creative content is easy also.

Really the only stumbling block is the finance.

Being more than 12 grand in debt I certainly cant help there :Smile3: Tbh I have no idea how a non-profit place like this could possible find the capital, even if it could, I cant imagine how they'd be confident of selling 500 copies to re-claim it. So perhaps a short run like this is out of the question.... in which case you're back to CD-Rs.... which are a real step downwards compared to "real" glass mastered cds in many ways... and the trouble is, either you still pay for the printing & jewel cases & stuff - and have to put em all together yourself! - or you scrap that too, and pretty quickly reach a product which isnt nice enough for ppl to want to pay money for.

Its a tricky one :blink:

where is PsyMike anyway ??
my mate has a printer that he prints cd inserts on for demos and they look very professional. if we got a coupla fresh cartridges and a reem of special paper then thats the inserts sorted. only cost left would be the CDs themselves. also regarding the point about psytrance sales rarely going past 500, this wouldnt be a normal cd with a normal fanbase, especially if its made clear that the proceeds go to psyforum.
What if we got it ready for next years Glade and then we could sell it on the gate.

No entry with out a CD purchase. 5500 sales granted.

Evil evil evil world domination plans :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r:
soliptic said:
where is PsyMike anyway ??

am here, just got alot on right the mo......i did start receiving tunage for the cd, but nearly not enuff for me and others to select a comp cd.

the cd is still in the plans, but its in there with everything else going on and so i need to chill on it for now until i have more time to devote to the project.