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Well, I just buzzed over to the Graphics forum, and saw some excellent stuff by 'Nico Psy-Video' or errrr.... ummmmm.... apologise now for my utterly shit short term memory (am I worried, oh yes :Wink3: ).

Well to cut a long story short, this looks like fun

does anyone now what I need to get going at the old computer generated abstract trippy art shit?

Preferably cheap and cheerful, although if a more expensive prdouct has a decent demo I'm interested. I have no idea what I'm looking for, so any help appreciated!
That link if it was a link isn't working so I don't know exactly what you want but you may want to check out (kinda 3D graphics) but there site is down for me right NOW.

Personally I like the visualizer that comes with winamp and have seen some great animations that come included with it, there is an editor that comes with winamp and it is free as is the basic Derivative stuff.
There's a lot of presets available for winamp AVS but make sure you use the version 2 player (2.9x i think is the latest). There is also a wicked controller for it developed by an enthusiast of AVS. It's called Hotlist and if you can't find it on the net I can post it somewhere.
I heartily recommend Ryan Geiss's Milkdrop visualiser (link / screenshots / resources).

Jet (link) is a little long in the tooth now, but it's still a good'un. :Smile3: