Psy-Hi from a lonely Londoner!


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Hello to all, I am a 32 year old married bloke with a serious lack of clubbing buddies to party with in London and elsewhere. Only a couple of my mates are into the scene and we are always too spannered to introduce ourselves to strangers at parties! Glade first timers this year.

Got into dance with first pill watching Prodigy at Glasto '95 then dancing to Leftfield etc in the travellers' field with Tribe of Twat 'til dawn!

Fave acts; Hallucinogen, Shpongle, Banco, Man With No Name, 1200 Mics, most Tip, Dragonfly, Twisted artists. Big rock music fan too.

Looking forward to meeting more like-minded Londoners and world citizens!


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Wotcher from a mid-30's year old married bloke living in London. I like a bit (understatement) of psychedelic rock meself :Wink3: Welcome aboard.