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Here, I will show you my process of creating a progressive Psy Trance track. This series will be just me working on the track without any explanation. Although if you do have any questions regarding anything that I do in these videos, then just send me a mail at with the timestamp and I will get back to you! My intention for this series is to be a free resource for newer producers who want to get that sound! Please note that this is just my way of doing things and what sounds good is very subjective. So please suit yourselves while picking up techniques based on what works for you or rather what fits your workflow the best. There are of course so many ways to get to a particular sound in a DAW as versatile as FL Studio; So, if you know a better way to create a sound then let me know in the comments.

This style is inspired by the works of Ranji, Vini vici, Blastoyz, Astrix, Upgrade and Ace Ventura!

Love from India!