Psy-trance in Japan (how I miss England dancing)


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Hey Everyone,

I moved over to Japan in July for a while and am missing the UK psy-scene - being about 4 hours from the nearest city I feel starved of psy-trance (and my legs have developed this nervous twitch from dance withdrawal). Seeing that there is no weed, no shrooms and no acid on my lovely island of Hokkaido (well not that I have found yet) I am looking forward to being kept informed of the UK psy-scene here. God I love the internet.

Hope to get involved in your discussions soon enough.

Take care

You're in Hokkaido? Then surely you are in luck! Hokkaido is one of the few places that you can get it in Japan! Maybe its just urban legend but heard that it grows naturally in places in Hokkaido. The one occassion we managed to get weed that was where we were told it came from. Other times we got hash which was very expensive and adulterated with god knows what!

Well while we are enjoying parties console yourself with the fact that you have access to snow and can go boarding every weekend and to hot springs after! Tis too cold now for outdoor parties but wait till it warms up and you'll surely find some great parties in some truly amazing locations. Some of the most amazing outdoor parties I attended were in Akita Prefecture nestled in the mountains.

If missing the dance that much you could always try organising your own party, get together with some people, put on some decor and hold something at your local community hall. When I wanted to hold a ceili for St. Patricks day, my boss said it would never work as Japanese people did not like to dance generally :huh: but happily it was lots of fun and I have photographic evidence of the kacho roaring with laughter as he was doing the siege of ennis :lol:

There is so much exciting stuff to do in Japan though. The festivals in Japan are fab! Get involved in something in your community - whether it be joining a martial arts club or perhaps a taiko group!

Enjoy! Make the most of your time there while you can!
hi oli, it's scott!!!
No raving @ all, i couldn't deal with it. Start your own mini-party :tongue1:
You could always try getting some ketamin mate, ahh yes......
new years was pretty good in kent, what was urs like???
we want you back HERE :Sad: try n visit us if u can, have a fucking hard stomp..... and then return. could prove very entertaining.

Take it easy buddy, good to hear from you :bananada:
you could try the japan section of isratrance for ideas and advice on where to party -

good luck!

Welcome to the board and i do hope u will find some dancing somewhere sooooooon.. or until then bounce around in your room :Smile3: