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As I made the leap from turntables to CDJs quite a while ago, I've decided to try to sell on most of my psy vinyl, as I now have most of it on CD and, well, I sold my turntables, which makes nostalgic listening a tad hard. I'm not entidrely sure about pricing, but was thinking around £1 - 2 for an EP, £3 for an LP? Depends what you want and how much you want I guess...and postage can be sorted out when you've expressed interest. :Smile3:
All of them are in great condition too :Grin:

Okay, heres the list:

1200 Micrograms (Tip) LP
1200 Mics – LSD (Talamasca/Atomic Pulse remix)
1200 Mics – Mescaline/Ecstasy
6 Stringadelica (Tip) LP
Anomalie – Anomalie/Ode to Arcadia
Antix – Backslide/Aima
Bamboo Forest – Miam Miam/Random Future
Bio Tonic - Space Vibes/Big Steel balls
Bio Tonic – Play It/Black Energy
Cosmosis – Weird, Sick and Twisted/Find Your Own Divinity
Ferbi Boys – Free George Blow/Karnaval
GMS – Gamma Goblins/The Finger remixes
GMS – No Rules (Spirit Zone) LP
Green Oms – Murphy’s law/Mr Boing
H Larsson – Framed/Barcode
Ice-O-Lator (Boom) LP
Inca:Nations (Tip) LP
Infected Mushroom & Yahel – Electro Panic (Orig/Eat Static remix)
Logic Bomb – Unlimited/Hund
Marco Menichelli – Slide (Liquid Audio Soundz) LP
Non-Toxic Frequencies (Flow) LP
Planet BEN – Pulse/TNT
Prometheus – Time Bandit/Sunspot
Saiko Pod – Silent Running / Prometheus – Snowblind
Shakta – Tribal Wax EP
Soundaholics – Beast Guy/Doberman
Spirallianz – Stereopark LP
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly – Mescalito/Pura Vida
Ticon – Aero (Digital Structures) LP
Vaishiyas – Flaxid (JumJam) LP

If anyone is interested, PM me or post on this thread!