psychadelictrance mix from me, here:

ive been listeningto this all weekend... and its damm good. thanks :wub:
Just a teeny bit late JS, sorry about that :Smile3:
This f@kin rocks - dark, ugly, banging and uncompromisingly trippy - top job mate. Super.
Wicked Mix ... shouldn't have started listening to it at work. All I want now is to be in a field somewhere slamming about in front of a speaker to a dark scary psy-mix...

Bugger. Oh - that's a compliment by the way :Grin:
Havent listened to the mix yet, but the playlist is exactly my style. That Penta tune is just what i open a set with. Also you cant fault a good bit of Azax Syndrome.

Look forward to hearing it when i get home!!! :mad:
JS - sorry I only just got round to commenting, but I've been caning this on the way to work for a while :punk:
Dark, moody, occasionally scary, very very psych and totally 'enveloping'. Nice one mate, nice one.

BTW my missus HATES it so thats gotta be good :lol: :P
Marc said:
... or I could lend Josh my mp3 player for the day and see what happens to it then :Wink3:

:o :lol: :ph34r:
JSains if I was putting on a party, I'd ask you to play :Wink3: Expect some of these artists' tracks to be played at PsyProject :peace: :punk: :speaker: :partysmi: :party2: