psychede'hello from San Francisco and Sydney...


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San Francisco, USA / Sydney AU
Hey everyone,

Dave and Pete of the Loomii here checking in from the other side. We got your message loud and clear; that moon's got a good bounce on it, and your tunes thump big over this way. We're two brothers who together form The Loomii and also like to pump the world full of full on psychedelic sounds. Pete is based in San Francisco as of late, and I(Dave) split my time between Sydney, Australia, San Francisco and the UK.

We're about to launch our third independent release, a 53min, seven-song trip through recent inspirations, called The Shimmer and Tease of Powerful Dreams. Keep your eyes peeled for details on, and when you're in SF/SYD, give a shout out! Lets go dance!

Pete and Dave Loomis aka The Loomii
hello hello to you those over the pond
hope you enjoy here, in fact no
you will enjoy it here
ave one of these :smokingr:
howdy and G'day to ya both, I'll keep an eye out for ya stuff fellas. enjoy the forum folks