Psychedelic Art

Rhino Plasti

Sailing the Brixton Seas
I'd really like to get into Psychedelic art work - preferrable in London.

I'm thinking wall hangings type of thing.

Does anyone know anyone who is the shit at this sort of thing who can give me some direction ?


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what do you mean by direction?

as in, someone who can give you some sort
of direction to get the things you will need?

or direction to erm.... a donut shop?


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i know a lovely lovely person,
who will be able to send you in the right direction
and give you advice and that
she does wicked work....
very very beautiful wall hangings and that....

ahem.... drum role.....

cyberfairy!! ask her

she tha best

Rhino Plasti

Sailing the Brixton Seas
Donuts ! You so read my mind. I'm sucking a caramel donut right now - Not quite celery I know - but who gives a blx.

Nah - Just how to do certain styles with various paints (e.g UV), materials, vectors etc. I've seen some amazing work out there, and would really like to have a go.


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wow i wish i had a doughnut right now... hmmm
but nope...
i don't even have a kitkat.... how lame

but yeah, visit laura
she has got some wicked wall hangings that she has done
she is really good at it.... from what i've seen anyway

ooh i think i might have some celery
lemme check the fridge!