Psychedelic Artists Wanted


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China... innit?
I'm looking at compiling a collection of psychedelic artwork by up and coming artists.......

anyone interested should contact me for more details........

all artwork used will be paid well

Sounds cool mate - have a huge collection of artwork for various labels/flyers/commercial work and such like over the'd you :Smile3:
That still sounds good.

I got loads of pics and can whip up loads to order.

I couldn't really not pm you and still moan about never getting work in this area........!
Anyone that replied to this thread recently get a reply?

I don't think it still stands - the date is a coupla months ago.

Shame! It seems impossible to get work in this digital art area without selling your soul, as it is with all those other fake jobs. I hope someone proves me wrong on that reasons why such vacancies shouldn't show up even at Job Centres for example, the artwork is everywhere, so somebody's making a packet doing that kind of stuff.
I think the postion was filled so to speak.....but.....I'm not sure how far sorted it is yet though so ole psyjuggler may still be on the look out
yeah. i've done some psychedelic art. maybe you like?