Psychedelic Trance CD collection 2000 - 2010

Demetri Wonkay

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London, United Kingdom
I'm selling my collection of many years on EBAY. Here are the details.

Psychedelic Trance CD collection for sale from 2000 - 2010

Some sealed, some used and some without cases. Over 150 CD's in total.
There are some gems in there which are worth a fair bit when checking on Discogs.

Here is an example:
Kindzadza - Waves from outer space - £19.47
... There are many more.

No separate sales.

The majority of these CD's are in good condition but there may be some which are no longer playable. I have not had time to check them all.
Starting the bidding off at 150 which is under a £1 a CD.

Get involved if you're interested.