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Cylith´s Nightmare

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Hello folks!!!

Here is our new rising label P U R - Psychedelic Underground Records

Dedicated to Soundstyles such as Psycore, Forest, Darkpsy, Psytek, HiTech FullON and Techno.
Psycheldic Underground Records brings you a lot of different soundstyles and freaky sounds to the dancefloors....

.... Homebased in the tyrol alps (at the moment) ....

We would like to give you some previews of upcoming EPs and albums --- listen at our soundcloud,



Cylith's Nightmare as Ungsund brings to you SOON his Ep Spirit of Maya @ beatspace

Next comes an Techno album of Nautilus

We'r excited to release an deep forest EP of IKARAY

And Cylith's Nightmares 2nd Album: Face the Demon

And some words of Cylith: Hello i want to invite every interessted psy producer to my collab VA: Cylith's Nightmare and Friends vol1: Woods from Hell .... with wide range of soundstyles... starting with dark prog -> darkpsy -> forest -> Psycore -> Hitech -> deathambient

Check my style here: soundcloud and at our website you can find my facebook link for contact msg
greets Cylith

----be prepaired---

GREETS from P U R Psychedelic Underground Records

PS: submitting demos? -> contact @ website