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Psychedelically Yours 2 is our new release, NOW available in the shops. With this compilation we are pleased to present you 9 tracks written by producers who are allready well known on the global underground party scene.
From Denmark to Russia, from Germany to Portugal, from Hungary to Israel, dark or light, groovy or hard these tunes have all one thing: the full on party spirit!!


Kindzadza - Can U Feel It? 149 bpm
N3XU5 - XXX 146 bpm
G.O.W. - The Clit Commander (Insane Behavior rmx) 146 bpm
Naked Tourist - One Piece 146 bpm
Toxic - Violent 144 bpm
Para Halu - Da Killah 148 bpm
Jahbo - Morphadelic 148 bpm
Insane Behavior - Wrong Doze (Syntax Error rmx) 148 bpm
G.O.W. - All Your Base R Belong To Us 150 bpm
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I particularly like Track 5 on this release, by Toxic, which is strange, because on "Deliver Us From Evil" (Seraphena Records, India) their track (track 9) is AWFUL. It's got singing in it. It's got Dead Can Dance samples. And it sounds '80s. Darkwave and psytrance should NOT mix, Tim Schuldt and Sun Project made this mistake as well, but they've got an excuse, what with being German.

(If you don't know what darkwave is, it's dance music for Goths with people singing over the top sounding like a cross between A-Ha and Bauhaus. For real. Oh, the horror.)

However, on this one, Track 5 is a blinder... funny old game, football.

(edit: I should point out that the rest of "deliver us from evil" is wicked, dark hard scary night-time bonkers, if you like parvati you'll like this too)
I like, I like :partysmi: :peace: