Doh! Pooor Rich :sob: Well if your still living in Winch then you are still surrounded be friends fool :rolleyes: !!! :welcome: de la Forum!! :drinking:
How is the new job going anywom? R u still being studiously well behaved :? ? (He he)

:sun: See you next weekend..... :runsmile:

LOL Millie moo x
tropical-rich said:
hello everyone!.....
i've got no one to talk to. :sad:

thats because we don't like you rich...

...just kidding, you can always come into winch, at leat you have a vehicle (well kind of :cool: )

i expect i'll see you very soon

you're all so kind!! :rolleyes:
eccept Mr "i want every one to call me coolso that maybe i will be"
i don't like you any more :P
see you all soon!!!
hey rich, sorry to hear you are feeling lonely....

i hope things look up soon...i always find that if you feell down, thinking about getting a job in a pub cheers me up...

i WILL be 18, i WILL be 18....
Hi tropical-rich - :welcome: to the forum - have a :shrooms: