Psyfactor - Evil Inside (Trishula Records 2005) CD


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Aalborg, Denmark
Psyfactor – Evil Inside


Artist: Psyfactor (Russia)
Title: Evil Inside
Format: CD (jewel case)
Label: Trishula Records (Germany)
Cat. #: TRISHCD004
Distribution: Arabesque
Date: 13 June 2005

Track listing:

01. 06’49†Shitty Bastards
02. 08’06†Ghost
03. 07’37†I’m So Happy
04. 10’08†Child Of Darkness
05. 08’04†Hell Raver
06. 08’46†Brain Destruction
07. 07’52†Angry Goblin
08. 07’03†Fear Square
09. 10’03†Good And Evil


Beelzebub has a devil put aside for me, for me, for me…

Psyfactor is Dmitri Korablin from Moscow, Russia. Before this, his debut album, Dmitri had released compilation tracks on Trishula, Inpsyde Media and Vertigo Records… Also he has a downbeat track on the compilation A Magical Journey released by Trishula’s sub-label Ajana Records simultaneously with this album… I really, really liked the two Trishula tracks – they both stood out on the compilations they were featured on… So yeah, I’m looking forward to this album – let’s take a walk down Elm Street…

Let me take you thru the tracks…

#01: Shitty Bastards
Now there’s a smelly track name if there ever was one… The intro is bubbling and lukewarm – somehow indicating what’s about to happen… And sure enough, it doesn’t take long before the dark bassline is introduced… More FX are added, like darkish floating pads in the background + a heavily filtered synth-line… The bassline gets really fast later on – and unfortunately also really monotonous… Dmitri manages to save the day though, by adding more FX… I like the razor-sharp chainsaw-like acid bit towards the end… Truly unruly!

#02: Ghost
The intro is really cool here… Some kind of digital whispering going on… Spooky indeed! Within a few seconds the track is in full effect – a fast-paced, driving bassline sets the pace… Closely accompanied by a bunch of twisted, dark elements… Again there are filtered acid-lines, repetitive percussion and an overall dark atmosphere… Reminds me of older Dark Soho – just darker… Darker Soho! This is a really cool tune – especially after the break and onwards…

#03: I’m So Happy
Happy all of a sudden, ehh Dimitri? I guess this is closest we get to full-on on this dark album… It’s perhaps a little lighter than the first two tracks… But still, there’s nothing happy about this tune… It’s very dark, with rippling noisy elements… There’s some kind of dark melody thing going on here – designed to mess with you… I’m a sucker for acid-lines, and this track is riddled with those… A mad track… Mad I tell you! …I like it! Sweet!

#04: Child Of Darkness
“Spock, this child is about to wipe out every living thing on Earth! Now what do you suggest we do? Spank it…?†Cheesy track name aside, this track also has a very cool intro… Some kind of low ripping sound messing with your head, whilst tension is building in anticipation of the beloved bassline… Once it appears it’s accompanied by a naïve little synth melody – and the low crackling sounds are still around… Add a low, spacey acid-line and you’ve got a winner… This is a huge, driving, brilliant track!

#05: Hell Raver
Another track name that will make your mother proud… The bassline here starts out somewhat more blunt, but once the impressive rhythm section is introduced it takes on a fuller body… The acid-level is even phatter here than in the previous tracks… Oh my, this is brutal stuff… Very Parvati-like… Sweeeeeeeet!

#06: Brain Destruction
As if your brain wasn’t already destroyed by the first 5 haunting tracks – it will be after this brutal assault on your eardrums… This is one of the fastest tracks here – the bassline is simply merciless… And the acid is running thick… Perhaps the bassline is a little too fast, but generally this is a pretty nice track… I also dig the Twin Peaks-like atmosphere that Dmitri creates in the first part of the track – and the last part is simply MASSIVE… Nicey nice!

#07: Angry Goblin
Another very well crafted intro here… Moody, eerie and spooky… This is arch-typical, dark Russian vodka trance… Dark, introvert and repetitive – but still extremely trippy and dancefloor friendly… Similar to Parasense really… Oh, how I love those murky pads with ripping, filtered acid-lines bouncing along… Also the ending rocks – would be an obvious choice for DJs to drop as the last track in a dark set… Another fine track!

#08: Fear Square
Again the acid is running thick and the bassline is a deep, dark and pounding monster! Dmitri has a thing with filters – and somehow he manages to twist and turn those knobs just right… It sounds so fucking good – and I can’t wait to hear this one played loud on the dancefloor! Eat your heart out Goa Gil – this is horror-trance! Tasty!

#09: Good And Evil
As legend has it, the last track is usually for experimentation… And so is this! But if you were hoping for a nice chilled tune by Psyfactor, I’d suggest you seek out the Ajana compilation A Magical Journey… ‘Cause this may be experimental, but it’s not chilled at all… This is a little lighter than some of the previous tracks, but still, it’s pretty dark… Something like dark full-on would be a good bid… By far the most melodic piece here – with darkish elements all over the place… Pretty good, but not outstanding…

Oh my – this album is definitely not for the fainthearted… With the exception of maybe the last track, everything here is dark, eerie and spooky… Fast-paced, acid-ridden, hyper-trance with industrial-sounding basslines and technoid appearances… Sweet!

To be honest I don’t really like the cover – it’s more cheesy than scary… Also, I don’t like the trend with spooky (alleged) track names… I mean, what the hell is a ‘hell raver’ anyway? Angry goblin? Come on – you’re not scaring anyone Dimitri… But let’s not judge a CD by its cover – let the music speak for itself… And the music is very, very good here… I’m really impressed! This is the best darkpsy artist album I’ve heard since Kemic-Al’s Twisted Parameters… I pretty much like all the tracks here, and as such this is a safe investment for any fan of the darker realms of psytrance… Fans of the previous Trishula releases will not be disappointed, nor will fans of Parvati, Yage Records, Stoneage, Inpsyde Media and other similar labels… To put it short, this album is essential for fans of dark psytrance! …Enjoy!

Favourites: 2, 3, 4(!), 5(!), 6, 7, 8(!)


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Hob Nob King
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DP, as usual delivering the goods, nice one, I have this on order :Smile3:


Pound Shop Alex Petridis
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what in tintern abbey are you talking about?
nice review mate

i do wish you'd slow the hell down though, you're making me look bad.

never heard of forgetting about all the reviews you have to do and listening to morrissey for a weekend?
oh. okay. thats just me then.


marathon solo-sessionahoy
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at least you didnt see it in the new album releases section at the front :p


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Sauntering about...
josh said:
at least you didnt see it in the new album releases section at the front :p

Nope next to the X-Box games judging by the cover! :Grin:


Chaotically Operational
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Inhabitant of Earth
Review by psytones

As I push play on my CD-player I get a feeling of mystique and rolling baselines. The album does not hesitate to show you what it’s all about - It’s about massive triple rolling baselines and some strange sounds swirling around the tracks to create the psychedelic touch. - The End - … Ha-ha … Well, one can’t really review a album this way, so let’s take a closer look inside, let’s see if we really can find the evilness that Psyfactor claims to be inside his debut album.

Psyfactor - Evil Inside (Trishula Records) 2005 (TRISHCD004)

1. Shitty Bastards (6:49)
2. Ghost (8:06)
3. I'm So Happy (7:37)
4. Child Of Darkness (10:08)
5. Hell Raver (8:04)
6. Brain Destruction (8:46)
7. Angry Goblin (7:52)
8. Fear Square (7:03)
9. Good and Evil (10:33)

This album starts really hard pushing forward already after a few seconds. Here we get a typical rolling PsyCore baseline, but this is what a lot of people want in the nigh these days.. The first track, Shitty Bastards starts off with a sound of mystique which I do enjoy a lot. This hypnotic mystical sound keeps on playing throughout the track and it doesn’t take long before the triple rolling baseline kicks in. It’s a good track with nice effects and it does have a great feeling inside. It’s a very hypnotic track indeed. Second track on the album which is named Ghost begins off well with some nice sound effects and a small build-up. The baseline has been changed a bit from the first track. This track is faster, more intense and it makes you want to fly to the Moon on its wicked sounds and power! It’s a great fast-forward track with filtered acid-lines and a dark atmosphere. And after the break … I suggest you hold on to your hat while dancing because this is insane! Love the digital voice effect and general power-feel of this track. I’m So Happy Sais the sample in the third track with a moist voice … Why if I may ask? Because there isn’t anything happy about this track, this track is again dark with intense cool acid-lines and a tempo that makes you sweaty in your knickers! Mad ending, mad track! After this ,,happy” track Psyfactor turns evil. Yes, I think I’ve found some evilness within his veins. Child Of Darkness must be one of my favorite tracks on this debut album. The intro, power and feeling in this track really get to me. I’m amazed. Quote from the track goes like this; Spock, this child is about to wipe out every living thing on Earth! Now what do you suggest we do? Spank it…? …ha-ha, Funny! I really do adore the intense driving power of this track. Great track name to a great track. It’s indeed a “killaarrgghh” on the dance floor! After getting my breath back, I turn to the fourth track, Hell Raver … Don’t know about the name, but let’s hope it sounds like a track fitted for a rave in Hell. It starts off very calm and not so evil like the previous tracks. Same mystique sound effects swirling around, the beat comes in slow but rises as the track evolves. Nothing special so far... But it gets better, faster and more innovating. But nah, nothing original about this track at all. For me it’s a boring track which doesn’t strike me as a Hell Ravish piece at all - Moving on to the track Brain Destruction which is an interesting title. Let’s see if it can live up to its name shall we ... The track starts off in a very Russian PsyCore sound feeling with squeaking noises and a feeling of basement darkness. The baseline drops in and we’re at it again with the albums standard mystique feelings, dark atmosphere and some nice acid-lines. After 5 minutes the whole track gets a facelift with intense synthesis and the beat picks up even more! Sweet!

Goblins! I love goblins. When people use the term Goblin in a track title, the track usually gets pretty freaky and trippy. A good example would be Talpa – Trust No Goblin and Hallucinogen Gamma Goblins Part II which is two of the craziest tracks out there. Now it’s Psyfactor’s turn to display his Angry Goblin. Ok. Me like, me like a lot. Again it’s about powerful vibes with a demented Goblin atmosphere. I love the small buildups and the overall drive, very psychedelic and dance floor friendly… Intense! After this admirable track we move on to Fear Square which is more of a bouncy track with nice trippy sounds floating around like breathing and acid lines. After 4 minutes or so the track becomes floating and harmonic. Great track for the dance floor and great for tripping as well! This must be the softest track on the album because of the floating end, not because of the baseline. Last but not least we get a Ying-Yang track from Psyfactor with the track title Good and Evil. The final track starts off very calm and peaceful with nice floating sounds until the acid-line and baseline kicks in. At 1.30 minutes the evil side jumps in to steal your attention from the good side. As the track evolves the good side tries to take over, it manages to break through the evil and show us some light in the darkness. The battle of good and evil continues back an fourth while the track merges into collaboration between the two powers. After 6 minutes and 30 seconds things turn around to the dark side again, flipping the track around making it evil, yes, finally some more evilness has been discovered! This is truly a schizophrenic track with a battle between evil and good. Evil conquers the good. But fear not, at the end good emerges and finishes off the track, and the album.

Overall a great debut album from mister Korablin! I feel that this album pretty much represents the new DarkPsy flow that we are having these days and he manages to give us quality tracks that can be fitted for both partygoers and the more picky fans of dark psychedelic trance. It does get a bit boring and the baseline sounds very identical to each other. It may be a nighttime oriented album but there is just not enough diversity in it to make it reach a wide crowd. Psyfactor has great skills and he uses these skills over and over again in the tracks. But a little bit more variation would be highly appreciated. Maybe the next album will show us more progress? Still, I do recommend this album because of the tracks themselves. If you’re a DJ and want dark Full-On tracks for the party crowd then don’t hesitate to get this album! If you’re sick and tired of the same baselines rolling along with strange sounds and effects, then i suggest you find another album to buy. I presume Psyfactor wants to have the same respect and admiration that fellow Russian DarkPsy acts like Fungus Funk and Psykovsky got. But i don’t know ...This album is in lack of something. Not trippy enough maybe, because it sure is powerful enough, I'll give him that! Dark dance floor oriented music for the raves.

Where to buy and other links:
Yggdrasil Records:


Chaotically Operational
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Inhabitant of Earth
Is this album still kicking some shitty ass out there,
or has it been forgotten as one of many that didnt stand the tooth of time?

just asking :Grin:


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awesome album this one. but his new Aries madness album is my second favourite dark psy album after Encephalopaticys - Psychometric mediation