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Baltimore, Maryland
Thought it might be neat if we could get some kind of forum remixing contest going. One person would provide some wav files (like a melody or chord prog), or just midi data or notes and it would be up to whoever is interested to mix them to their fancy and then post it up. Obviously it wouldn't be a strictly psytrance thing, you could do what you pleased with the material. I thought it might be interesting to see what everyone would do.

Would there be any interest in this type thing? And just as important, would anyone be willing to host mixes if there was enough interest?
i'd be up for it

had fuck all inspiritation for 6 months, i need some sort of structured challenge to get back in the groove cos i swaar i forgot how to use the music making part of my brain altogether

got some hosting, sufficient for anything i might want to enter, but never want to volunteer myself for high bandwidth exercises like hosting anybodys and everybodys... shit aint free sadly :hehe:
So who would like to provid some midi parts for remixing then????
Come on come on this will be fun.
Problem here is getting the stuff to remix...Maybe we could convince one of the local pros to 'donate' a tune for a psyforum mixing contest?
It would be good fun to take one of Ott's dubs and turn it back into the 145bpm trance it always wanted to be... :Smile3:
(runs away cowering)
righty o then Mr OOOD lets mash up one of your tunes then. :bananada: :punk:
Ok then:

OOOD: 'Empatheta'

Released on the Cabbaged compilation "A Party Is For Life, Not Just For Xmas" in 1997. Click Here for a review of the album. I chose this track because it relies rather less on samples than other tracks of its time. The track was an all-MIDI production.

If you have Cubase VST or SX I've provided the song in .ALL format. Other sequencers should be able to load the .MID file.

For the avoidance of doubt, copyright is retained by us for all remixes of the track. If it ever gets released (not impossible!) we can talk further about this.

Looking forward to hearing the results!