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BTW if anyone fancies having a go at a pure re-engineering of the track 21st Century stylee, I'd love to hear it. I'd do it myself but I find working on old tracks incredibly tedious most of the time; I'd much rather be doing something new.
saxopholus said:
Goodness midi seems more daunting than audio somehow. :blink:

thats exactly what i thought.

nuendo imported the cubase project and i just went :trippn:
I like getting it in MIDI much better though. No tempo constrictions and much more freedom to make the sounds into whatever you want. Leads can sound as you want, and your bassline could be a telephone ringing if it pleases you.

I just spent a good while deciphering what is what, now once my roomate returns with the pot brownies it is time to get down to business.
feckin 'ell. I'm going to have to get the whole thing going (prolly in reason) just get an idea what its about. Then start continuumising...
See you in about three months :runsmile:
Bear in mind that a couple of the tracks contain bar-long notes originally intended to trigger drum-loops from my sampler. Use the track names as a guide.

There you go Granny, that's how you suck an egg.
this is a really cool idea, look forward to hearing what happens to the old OOOD-age :Smile3:
psyfi said:
Okay due to my complete lake of work I stayed up all night and finished da remix. :bananada: :bananada:

Now I'm going to bed zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Hope you slept well! That's a great version mate. I particularly like the way the main snare in the trance section is so similar to the one in the original version :Wink3: I also really like the idea of speeding the whole thing up. This is a version I can see us playing as the last track in our chillout live sets... :ph34r: