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Psygarden, online since 2002, features psychedelic art contributed by artists from all continents. The website focuses on decoration, paintings and digital art related to psychedelic trance. You will also be able to visit the gallery in real life; as a traveling exposition, psygarden displays printed copies of these works at parties, festivals and soon you’ll find a permanent exhibition at Kairoo records (Antwerpen).

From the start it has gained support from various visionary artists such as Nemo, Psymbolic Visual Communication, Luke Brown, Naoto Hattori and many more. Without whom both the online and traveling gallery would never have grown to what it is today.

A small selection of the featured artists:

Nemo (Miami, Florida): Nemo now spends his time creating art and digital design for a variety of patrons and organizations worldwide. He also runs an online store selling the work of visionary artists and performs ambidextrous (both hands at the same time) live painting at festivals and concerts world wide.
Psymbolic visual communications (Chicago, Illinois): Music & Event promoters known for their live interactive visuals, & their focus on design, jewelry, sculpture, contemporary & psy-arts...
Their website showcases past & present works, shares creations with fellow artists & connoisseurs, offers services to those in search of, provides links to other respectable & admirable sites, & hopefully offers entertainment, inspiration, & knowledge.

Naoto Hattori(New York and Tokyo): Naoto specializes in super-realistic painting as a portrait, landscape and real life objects. “Some people think my visions are very weird and hard to understand. To me they are natural and flow freely from my mind.â€

Nico Psy-Art (Poitiers, France): Nico specializes in drawing, painting, computer graphics, design and video animation. He discovered psychedelism and trance in 1989 with "Trance Body Express" for which he decorated parties. Resolutely turned towards the future and new technologies, while preserving his assets in graphics, he created a psychedelic experience, mixing his animations in real time.

The gallery can be visited online and will be permanently displayed at the Kairoo record store. Future events displaying the gallery include Rhakti Dei Festival, 604 Productions, more to be confirmed.


Nice to see Psygarden back up and running Rik. Looking good mate :Smile3:


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Thanks to all of you for the positive feedback so far :Smile3:

I've been a busy boy and will be adding several new artists to the gallery during next week, so check up regulary because there'll be something new to be found every week :Smile3:

Upcoming artists:

Mario Belem: ***Bio under construction*** This portuguese based artist is mostly known for this illustration work on Boom Festival and other events by Good Mood productions. A very talented graphician with a very clear and uplifting style.

Spears of Shiva: "I’m a French painter, born in Lens, a small town in France. I grew up with my grandparents surrounded by strong historical memories. My Italian grandfather escaped his fascist country and my Polish grandmother escaped her invaded country. Both of them had to learn a new life in a foreign country without knowing anything about their future. This familial heritage gave me the strength to ask: What’s beyond the veil, what’s beyond the surface, what’s beyond the appearance of things to seek truth.

I don’t know if I should say: “I found Art by chanceâ€. I think I’ve always needed to express myself through abstract expression, it always was under my skin, waiting for the right time to bloom so I could explore different worlds.

Art is the key for change; for good change. It was my key when my grandfather died. This key helped me to exorcize my pain and face the world with genuine feelings.
Art is the key for love, for great love. It helped me to find the most wonderful artist and husband Nemo. We now live together far from our childhood, far from our past, facing the future with a lot of love to share with the world.

We both believe Art is a powerful tool to help people understand, respect and empower themselves. But this gift requires something: an open mind and an open heart."

Ingart: ***Bio under construction*** You may have seen some of here fluoro backdrops at Boom festival 2004 or Transit festival. Paintings with a level of detail that require a magnifying glass to be fully able to see them... and there's a lot more to her artwork than

Carey Thompson grew up on the east coast in Virginia and North Carolina. He then traveled throughout the western United States ending up in New Mexico where he spent a year creating a core resonance with the American southwest. Afterwards, Carey embarked on a four-year adventure throughout Central America harnessing the winds of synchrocicity. Exploring countless natural power spots and Mesoamerican sacred sites, he developed a keen interest in ancient cultures and their expression through the arts and cosmology. Desiring a more rooted foundation, Carey landed in the beautiful lands of Costa Rica where he spent a few years tapping deep into the currents of Gaian creation. Copious amounts of surfing and jungle trekking activated his being to near saturation point as he continued to channel this energy into creativity. He currently resides in San Francisco, California where he now focuses on his artistic endeavors. Carey describes his work as holomorphic transmission vision crystals. The imagery channels through, sourced from the universal matrix, and crystallizes into form onto templates based on sacred geometry and other patterns of nature. Beginning usually with only a seed of intention, the color and form evolve unconsciously to create the finished art. Revealing the interconnectedness of all things is the primary intention of Carey's artwork.

More t.b.a.


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For your pleasure only, i just added ANOTHER TEN visual artists to the gallery.

Syncrosect (Australie) Responsable for the Syncrosect DVD in cooperation with Mr Peculiar, and the design of

Golem (Mexico):In the business for years and wellknown all over the world for his flyers and cover art!

Afadrenalin (Macedonie): A underrated Macedonian backdrop painter (images coming soon)

Geometrica (Mexico): Almost equal to the deliria crew's talent, these people definatly know how to handle lycra.

Divine Reflections (Canada): Combining painting and photomanipulation these people even succeed in making your mother in law look like a fairy

Sally Green (Australie): Airbrush art from down under, with a large dash of psychedelics

Naukid Buddha (Sweden): Backdrop artists from up north (images coming soon)

Trancestor (Portugal): Painting backdrops takes over people... just see

Vj Purple Eye (Israel): You should watch the moving footage on his website in order to appreciate his work for what it is!

Psyberpunk (Zwitserland): Most likely (if you've been travelling around to visit festivals) you've seen him at work. At it since 1998 he was definatly one of the first to come up with the psychedelic inflatables.


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I managed to add two more talented artists to the gallery, feel free to come and pay their gallery's a visit!!!

Jeff Hopp

Since the late 70's, I have been creating artwork for numerous projects from
graphic novels, comics, children's books and periodicals. My work is designed to have a narrative quality that leads viewers into my unique psychedelic and visionary universe.
I believe that true art is foremostly a form of communication. For me to be
interested in a piece, it must tell me something. An artist can communicate many things....ideas, emotions, events, beliefs, etc. As for my art, I am interested in illustrating events and experiences
that I have witnessed on my spiritual journeys. It is a method of capturing moments that cannot be documented in any other way.They are places that can't be photographed, and I feel that is important to share them with others

Neil Gibson

Neil Gibson is an artist in the psychedelic vein who hails from Toronto, Canada. Neil has been decorating psychedelic parties with his super fancy - UV active paintings since 2001, and continues to do so. This has
taken Neil on many crazy adventures! Wow wee! Neil is also known for "keepin' it real".
Farther and further into chaos, Neil's images usually combine geometric and organic forms, and sometimes are combined with multi-dimensional themes and concepts. When Neil is not concocting new and crazy images, he can be found trying to convert vegetarians to meat.
Neil has no real formal training outside of his own doodlings. Neil is a graduate from some art college somewhere, but it almost had no effect on his own personal artwork. Thesis teachers scofed at his w! ork, as it was not an ironic painting by some hoser or some homosexual introspective video art. But the whole time Neil stayed true to his heart and they passed him with a 72.



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Yes, i've found another one! Enjoy!

GoodVision (Russia)

Goodvision project consists of two friends who live in Moscow, Russia. One of them, Igor, is in the role of creative designer and is the catalyst of all artistic work. The other one, Denis, is responsible for technical realization of the project.
Igor is 23 years old, he has been creating his artwork for 6 years. A lot of different artifacts have accumulated in this period, among them there are backdrops, sculptures, lots of drawings and other stuff. So, Igor decided to exhibit most of it to the public in the internet.



Wily Bogle
awesome stuff! most inspiring indeed, big up the rik massive \m/


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Because you've been so supportive here's a christmass special!

It's been five days since the last effort on the site, time to add Five NEW ARTISTS!

Argentina / Germany

Gansedoline is in fact Martin Varbaro, plastic artist born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He decide to turn upside down getting into the world of art, studying in the Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes, in his country and standing out in the visual design of surfboards of mark Becker Surfboards (Argentina), and different companies from Peru and Brazil.

In parallel, he is summoned to develop a diverse commercial advertising stage scenes, TV films and Theater mise en scene, museums and public centers. In 2000 go to Europe, continuing his race like decorator, growing professionally within the ambient of electronic music. With the passion of decorations of 3D and black light effects with touch artistic minimalists of the 70`s. The three-dimensional effects in diverse planes resulting in mesmerizing sensations.

Innovative design through shape, color, and light…..

Gansedoline is a cutting edge visual design company that focuses on delivering the most effective form of visual arts to date.
Through several different mediums Gansedoline aims to create multiple environments that will leave your audiences speechless.
State of the art lighting techniques combined with various theatrical textiles result in a look that is both innovative and completely unique. His vision is to replace the boring, more traditional forms of event design and give people something that becomes just as important as the performance itself, so that the feel and vibe of your event is that of total stimulation and creativity.

With a deco artist career now entering its 6th year ,Gansedoline has become an internationally renowned performer…
With his talent he has seen being booked in some of the best parties and clubs around the world. Past dates have included Buenos Aires , Brasilia, Berlin, Copenhagen, Vienna, Sardegna, Paris, Lisbon, Zurich, Thessaloniki, Brusels, and many addition he has décor some famous music festival like, Antaris project, Tshitraka, Samothraki Gathering,and exclusive deco work for artist in german clubs like, John Digweed, Anthony Pappa, Sven Väth, Rush, Satoshie Tommie, D-nox & Beckers, Infusion ,Richie Hawtin, Tristan, Ministry of Sound and many mores.


eren Or Benafshi depicts her work of energy painting technique on mixed mediums.

Energy painting is an original technique, using a special blend of fluorescent acrylics.
When adding UV light to a normal lighting these paintings unravel a new level of depth.

The work presented is hand-painted on canvas, with no computers involved in the making process.

United States

The Visionary Eroticism and Political Satire Art of Mark Henson ".

Mark's sense of eroticism expresses itself in a less voyeuristic
and more spiritual way than most art associated with human passion.
He is more interested in the merging of souls
than the merging of organs.

It is his lifetime self-ordained duty to create a body of work
that is filled with positive imagery surrounding lovemaking
in a culture where sex is often associated with exploitation,
violence and abuse.
He sees the merging of souls as the manifestation
of the cosmic design inherent in all living things.
He calls upon our divinity as natural sensual beings
in harmony with our environment by depicting lovers in all forms.
He defines lovemaking as a revelation more than a thrill,
respectful of the gentle interplay when all creatures are in harmony,
including the elements associated with death and the infinite.
In his vibrant colored oil paintings
he delights in emulating the divine by bringing something out of nothing
into its own sense of existence.
Through these images the deepest parts of our collective soul
are delivered visually
imbued with the core of creation and the love of humanity.
Mark views eroticism and the sex ritual as a natural and exalted state of consciousness.

Mark also paints dark side of humanity in his political satires.
They are timely icons of universal fear and global concern.
We are surrounded by negative input by mass media.
The so-called war between the sexes plays an immense role in forming the patterns of our social interactions.
How do we depict love when the most truthful loving acts
are often considered evil or pornographic
by politicians and religious fanatics?
Yet, images of war, competition, attempts at control over each other fill our eyes.
His comic approach is stirring and iconoclastic.

Born and raised in California,
Mark spends part of his time living and traveling in the jungles of Costa Rica
where he is creating a retreat for artists,
and Upper Lake, California
where he paints daily in his studio,
cooks exotic food
and acts as a lap chair for two cats
and his sweetheart, Ms. Monti.

United States

New York City born, Venosa was transported into the world of fine art in the late 60's after having experimented with psychedelics and having seen the work of the Fantastic Realists - Ernst Fuchs and Mati Klarwein in particular - both of whom he eventually met and studied under. Of his apprenticeship with Klarwein, Venosa says, "What a time (Autumn, 1970) that turned out to be! Not only did I get started in proper technique, but at various times I had Jimi Hendrix, Miles Davis, Jackie Kennedy and the good doctor Tim Leary himself peering over my shoulder to see what I was up to.



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To start of 2006 properly I've once redesigned the site to what is supposed to be a more final layout! I hope you like it because this is the way it's going to look for a while!

Because a redesign alone wouldn't be worth a post i've also added FOUR NEW ARTISTS! I'd like to welcome to our art collective:

Margot Schaefer
Finally i've been able to add a belgian deco artist. Her backdrops are inspired by aboriginal and dot art, do enjoy!

Dayasakti (India)
Some mixed style backdrops with some amazing level of details in some. An artist with an amazing potential, i'm looking forward to seeing more of this work.

Brahma (United States)
One of the long term artists and it looks like he's here to stay. Affiliated with TIP Records he's done cover artwork for numerous cd's and has done deco for some of the most amazing events worldwide.

Filtro Structures (Italy)
A new talent when it comes to 3D string structures. You'll be hearing a lot more from him as he's starting to find his way to bigger and bigger events to decorate.

If you feel your artwork should be there too and it meets the standards I've been living up to please don't hesitate to get in touch with me, it's an open gallery and i'm always looking for more people who deserve the promotion psygarden can give you!

Love & light


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We are proud to announce that today we have crossed the limit of SIXTY different visual artists that have joined our collective.

The new artists that made this possible include Alex Grey (United States), Nagual Creations (United Kingdom), Egnogra (United States), Mimo-TV (Germany), Datagrama (Portugal) and Ilumination Design (Sweden).

I'd like to welcome them to our collective, and thank those that have already been part of it for some time. Psygarden has been growing at a rate I could only dream of when i picked up on the project again less than three months ago.

We're working on the traveling gallery and expanding it with even more framed posters by various artists. Posters by Robert Venosa, Alex grey and more of the worlds best visuals artists will soon to be made ready for display at events across europe. Keep your eyes open!

Love & light, Rik