Psylicious Radio presents: Psy-Sisters Showcase with Shakti - Coral - Sati


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This week on Psylicious Radio we present part one of the Psy-Sisters Showcase series.
Be prepared as these Psy-Sisters blast the airwaves with their psychedelic soundscapes
for your listening pleasure. Enjoy!

Shakti is a passionate Goa Trance music lover and DJ based in the UK. She is a proud
label DJ for Suntrip Records, and is also the producer and co-ordinator of the current
new wave of annual Earthdance London events, which are part of global network of Earthdance
music events that join together with a global synchronised prayer for peace.
Shakti loves playing deep melodic uplifting day time sets, and heavier full power night
time cosmic journeys that take you into the stars and beyond!

Suntrip Records | Shakti | Facebook | Shakti | Mixcloud

began her DJ career in 1999, when she was introduced to the irresistible sounds of
Psy-Trance. Her insatiable appetite, energy and joy of the music has naturally evolved into
the world of production. Coral's energy and enthusiasm behind the decks, coupled with the full
power energy her music selection brings, has made her a consistent favorite time and time again.
If you've seen her perform before this is all very familiar, and if you haven't, be certain to
come experience the excitement and smiles of a Coral created trancefloor!

Coral | Facebook | Coral | Soundcloud

SATI is truly in a class of her own, having played in the techno and psychedelic scenes for over
a decade. Member of Expo Records, Mandala Bookings & Psy-Sisters , Sati has come up through the
ranks to become one of London’s most prestigious psy-trance DJs. Her dark, driving sets leave
crowds waiting on the dancefloor for her sets to begin. Her skills behind the decks have earn her
an army of fans around the globe, including countries such as Sweden, Poland, Germany, Spain,
Israel and Italy. If there is an underground psy event in London, you are most likely to see Sati
on the line up!

Sati Design | Facebook | DJ Sati | Facebook | Sati | Soundcloud

Listen To The Show: Here

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