Psylicious Radio presents: Sculpted Sounds Label Showcase part 1


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Psylicious Radio proudly welcomes Sculpted Sounds record label onto this weeks show as the
first of two shows featuring Sculpted Sounds.
This label is really moving and shaking trance floors across the globe, so expect nothing but
quality psychedelia. Enjoy!

Sculpted Sounds is the modern evolution of a once proud and legendary event organization from
2010 in Denver, Colorado USA. Reborn today in California as a label, during a time of unprecedented
growth in the American trance scene.
Sculpted Sounds is comprised of the husband and wife team of Lawrence Chavoya and Bruna Amaral.
Lawrence, also known as DJ Paradigm, is recognized as one of the longest standing core pillars of USA
psychedelic trance.

Tune Into The Show Here

Sculpted Sounds Facebook: Click Here

Sculptep Sounds Soundcloud: Click Here

Sculpted Sounds Bandcamp: Click Here

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