PsyMusic t-shirts? Thoughts etc?

I quite like a nice no-words logo on the back. Can't explain why really - just feels good to wear your colours on your back sometimes. I suppose it gives people in crowds/dance floors chance to have a good shufty without feeling like they're staring at you/your tits.

Dont rob me of my excuse to look at your tits.
OH, MY 'GOD', YES! I'm deeeefinitely up for the idea of getting more t-shirts printed! I still have the old one, somewhere, tattered and torn from years of raving. In dire need of a newer one to reprazent the Pie Crew Massive!

Not so much. "Welcome to..." feels kind of traditional at this point.

"PsycheDanic's Community Support Team"?

Seems legit! ?
+1 for logo on the back and writing on the front
I've been a lot busier at work than expected, but is it worth doing a vague show of hands for any upcoming shirt orders? Can get a vague idea of pricing then. (yes they can be customised BTW)
Thread with poll added for sizes n stuff, hoping to bash a few out next week.