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PsyPneumatix Records presents its debute compilation SoundTravel

Who we are?

Started in June 2002 by Syzmix and IOS as a means to promote the unheard talents of them selves and there friends DJ's and producers alike..

There first party nearly fell to peices as it was shut down by rival promoters and a venue was needed within 8 hours to put the party on at. IOS mentioned some friends that had a ware house in the suburbs that was set up for partying and had a 24k rig ready to pound, they were also looking for a crew to work with as they were a sound crew.

The party was moved and was a complete success and with the biggest sound indoors melbourne had heard for a no name crew the word spread fast.

Within 6 months every one within the crew was playing almost every weekend.

The second year saw IOS get signed to Tribeadelic and Syzmix begin works on the lable.

Now the year is planned out with about 5 releases ready to burst onto the world music scene within the year with 3 compilations and 2 albums.

Every artist on this CD is from Melbourne Australia and this CD will let the world know that were here and ready to make our mark on the globel trance scene.

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Featuring : IOS LegoHead BufferZone NexusCrawler Genshu vs Syzmix Hioctal RenegadePeanut and DeltaNuge.

Website is currently under construction but should be up in the next few days.

Representing PsyPneumatix in Europe are

Leptit UK
Jon Kanobi UK
Marc Belgium

so listen out for them.

So stay tuned for more details. :Grin:
Weve just finnished the New Zealand album launch tour and its a wicked comp well worth the pennies..if anyone wants a copy ill be more than happy to burn a load off and send to you :Smile3:

Just kidding Syzmix. :bananada: