Psypsiq Jicuri : A Rain Of Hope In The Galaxy

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Psypsiq Jicuri : A Rain Of Hope In The Galaxy

AP Records 06/2006

Track list:

01. Light
02. Ecos
03. De Real
04. Natural
05. Happy People
06. Vibra
07. Historia De Un Sueño
08. Miracles
09. Stop The Time
10. A Rain Of Hope In The Galaxy

Psypsiq Jicuri is no new name in South American & Latin Psy Trance scene. Originating from Santiago De Chile, Luciano Salvo has lived 9 years in Mexico City, came back to Chile in 2002 to start his sole Psy Trance project - Psypsiq Jicuri.

Psypsiq Jicuri melodies are always spiritually uplifting & particularly positive, with a feel of nature & purity, originating from the amazing landscapes & cultures of Chile & Mexico. Psypsiq Jicuri music is a morning out-of-body flight over the incredible panorama of Chile & the greatness of the Mexican desert.

With great respect to the Huichol people, Luciano has taken the cactus name which grows on their lands, Hicuri, where with time he found his ship and has transformed into Psypsiq Jicuri.

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