PsyXel tune: "Voices..."

Hi Shroomy!

Thx for ur comments! True about the Delay Lama... i was gonna use some overdrive, but i liked it just dry with its own i left it like that.

Hope to hear more comments, reviews & critics...

nice choon man, really likeing the spacey feel.....trippy :shrooms:
Nice. I like the main guitar melody that luls you along the track and the other elements delay lama included with are like difrent events down the path of the tune. It has a nice feal as you go. A good tune to sit back in a big old arm chair and have a listen to. :smoke:
Thx ChemicalLight!

psyfi i agree with ur comment. I think the part with the guitar s one of its best. About the voice synths I forgot to mention that besides the Delay Lama I also used JunoX2 & reFX Slayer2. I used a couple of voice samples too (waia waia ni nion iooooo & a couple of small ones).

Glad to hear that u, psyfi, also liked it. Thx! :Grin:
As u said it s a nice tune to sit back in an armchair, smoking a ciggy & chilling out :smoke: :smokingr: