PsyXel's new tune ll be out there in very short time

psyxel Jun 16, 2004

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    Hi every1!
    Happy to say that i ve finished the last track i ve been workin at.
    It s gonna b called "The only way", it s a 148bpm track & i think i m getting closer to psy music.
    Anyway i ve an eternal problem with my cpu: when the tune s almost finished & i start to add some fxs & details, the cpu crashes :no:.
    Not really a crappy cpu but miles away from what u can get nowadays (i ve got an Athlon 900Mhz 128mb RAM).

    I d like to thanks to Ott for sharing the way he makes tunes. :Wink3:
    I made the tune spine in 2/3 days (unfortunately the problem with my cpu sank the very important arrangement stage) :mad:

    I already uploaded it to the server. Hopefully by friday/saturday it ll be available @

    If u wanna check how my music evolved this d be the order:

    Mix of emotions:

    Arab temptation:


    Heart attack:


    Vodka tonic:

    The only way: soon soon ll b available!

    Hope u enjoy 'em & stay tune! Critics, advices & comments more than welcome.

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