PsyXel's new tune: "The only way"


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Buenos Aires, Argentina
Hi m8s!

"The only way" s just been released.

Direct link:

It d be gr8 if u can post any comment/critic/advices. It s a rough mix but good enough to show it. I think i m getting closer to psytrance music. U ll find nice breaks, breakbeat in the middle, nice congas & bongoes, and if u wonder where i got all the voice samples, i ll only say "too much porn" :jump:

Actually that d be the song's name: "Too much pornography" :Grin:

Hope u like it & w8ing for ur comments.

Best regards

i really like it :Smile3: the bass isn't coming thru loud enough, but i suspect that's just an mp3 issue...

i like the swirly sounds throughout; there's enough variation to keep listeners interested & the chord progressions are unexpected. samples are great :Wink3: you filthy biatch you!

there's a nice forwards motion throughout the track, it doesn't fall into unexpected lulls... and the acid-y synth sounds are nice. the only criticism i might have is the level of the swirly sounds at the beginning - although maybe that's just due to the bass levels being slightly low through my system!

the breaks in the break are nice :Wink3: what program are you using? (it sounds like a cool sample scratcher thang going on). it's quite long but that's kewl, because it's going somewhere throughout. the congo section is good as well! it's definitely druggy, which is a Good Thing. i also like the off-key twiddly bits after 7:00.

nice :Smile3:
Hi seuss!
Thx for ur review :Wink3:

I think u found the spots in this tune! Meaning: the intro was done in a couple of hours coz the cpu was overloaded & i was 1 step to crashes all the time. About the bass i used Tau2 & there seem to be a volume problem if u bend notes, maybe i should use a compressor to avoid volume level problems.

I use Fruity Loops v4.1 & for the sample scratcher i used a FL plugin.

The congo section s one of my fav parts!


Thx again seuss & looking forward to more comments & critics.