Puoskari - The Audio Hustler


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Aalborg, Denmark
<span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'><span style='font-family:Arial'>Puoskari – The Audio Hustler</span></span>

Format: CD
Artist: Puoskari
Title: The Audio Hustler
Label: Freakdance Records, Finland
Cat. #: FDCD04
Year: 2004

Track listing:

01. 07’07†Aamuventys
02. 08’07†Fifty-Sixty
03. 07’23†Hit And Run
04. 08’28†Humboogie
05. 07’35†7teas
06. 06’56†AivoMäyrä
07. 08’20†The Audio Hustler
08. 06’57“ Herra Jänis
09. 07’23“ Kammiopärinä
10. 06’05“ Vipinää O-Kulmassa


Oh boy, the faggots did not live in vain…!

Blimey! Finnish label Freakdance Records is out with its 4th release… This time an artist album from Oskari Nuotio aka Puoskari who first surfaced on last year’s mega-strange Freakdance compilation FDCD03. Here’s much more insane stuff from lake country!

My fellow reviewer PKS dubbed this vodka-trance – and Per, I couldn’t have said it better… This is some seriously fucked up, drunken, messy shit… And all that is meant as superlatives! ;o) If you’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to Texas Faggot, Squaremeat, Haltya and other Surreal Audio/Exogenic releases you’ll know just what to expect… The trademark Finnish sound that is just about as far away from mainstream trance as you can get… Insane, funky, deeply psychedelic, perverted, dark, gloomy, powerful, unstructured crazy-ass forest stuff! Packed with all kinds of bizarre samples, off key notes, off beats, old school videogames samples, pitched up elephant trunk sounds and so on… Every track consists of thousands of elements – multilayered, entangled short melodies, with so much madness thrown on top…. This shit is loco! The production quality sounds flawless too me – but you can’t really judge that with Finnish stuff can you?

You either love this or hate it… Personally, I love it… But not unconditionally! I can only cope with Finnish stuff for a limited time in one listening session – after a while it gets too intense for me… Too damn weird! So I prefer to take my Finnish Delights in small dozes… This is kinda like a bottle of whiskey. 3-4 shots are nice, but drinking the whole bottle will leave you sick… But if you can cope; if you’re a hardened alcoholic, if you’re open-minded and if you like the typical Finnish sound you’ll dig this! I think it’s a nice, refreshing release – definitely out of the ordinary. ;o)

Only 700 copies pressed, so you might not want to wait too long ordering this… if you’re the kinda pervert into this! ;o)



External links:
Freakdance Records: www.freakdance.com (Soundclips available)
Saiko Sounds: www.saikosounds.com
Streetbeat: www.streetbeat.ac
hmm... i havent really heard any finnish trance so would be interested to have an earwig. especially wiv a track titled: Herra Jänis :Grin: gotta be interesting, innit! :lol1:
1. Aamuventys
2. Fifty-Sixty
3. Hit And Run
4. Humboogie
5. 7teas
6. AivoMäyrä
7. The Audio Hustler
8. Herra Jänis
9. Kammiopärinä
10. Vipinää O-Kulmassa

yes, i was the one who bashed freakdance's previous release like no other album before. to put it short, i found it very bad.

when it comes to psytrance finnish flavour is definetly on the other end of the circle. it's simply so different. finnish tunes are usually packed with unsane melodies, insane beats, just crazy atmospheres, and all in all fruit cake samples.

the spugetrance scene has its fans. for them it's dead serious. throw a stone at them and they fucking launch a missile at you. dare to mock their music and they'll for sure tell you how exactly they feel about your repeative homo-o-vocoder shite.

so it's a love - hate thing. there are no alternatives.

with groups like texas faggott, mandalavandalz, ilo, ook & weird alchemy puoskari finds himself somewhere upstream fighting his way away from the sea of psychedelic trance. he's trying to reach the cradle one might say.

in a way it's true. i've got no psytrance phd but since when has it been about rules, regulations and copying others? then again i do feel that puoskari is copying his fellow finnish trancers styles. a bit of kiwa, a bit of texas faggott, it's really not that different.

well, he does add that 80's computer game factor that hasn't taken part before, to my knowledge anyways.

it's not like i despise this album or anything, but say i've got younger brother's a flock of bleeps on my left hand and puoskari's the audio hustler on my right and a cd player infront of me. the choice is incredibly easy to make. then again for some it must be opposite choice.

so don't judge it before you've atleast heard some samples. that's all i've got to say about that.


tuubi vs suomisaundi fight is not welcome here..