QUADRA - Serotonia


Quadra - Serotonia

Well, Yee ha!

Grab your Cowboy hats boys and girls, saddle up, and get those no good toot pickin’ darn neighbours off my land, God damn it!

Now that I’ve got that Western fetish out of my system - this is the long awaited debut from America’s finest, Quadra.

1. Become Aware
2. External Pleasure
3. The Tunnel
4. Epicycle
5. Space Flights
6. Function of Color (N.B. Americans cant spell)
7. Energy Transport
8. Stimulated
9. Serotonia
10. The Ecstasy of Revelation

In general the album offers a very fresh sound, and there is no doubt that Quadra is distinctive and has a signature sound throughout the album.

The best way to describe the sound is imagine your at a festival and its boiling in the middle of a desert, no water and then a fire truck arrives spraying everyone creating a mud pit, and suddenly everyone regresses to the age of 5 and starts throwing mud around, sliding left and right. Your now once solid stomp has become an exercise in ‘mud skating’ and basically an air of foolishness spreads throughout the dance floor – a Quadra track would suit this familiar scenario! His tunes have humour and energy, although unfortunately the album is not perfect, with a couple of dodgy melodies scattered around, but he doesn’t dwell on these and they are soon abandoned for funkier rhythms. Essentially, this album has a lot of dance floor value, and will be a useful tool in any case logic!

My favourite tracks are 2,5,7,8,9

Track 2 – this track has a great rolling baseline, nice slow builds met with futuristic sound scapes and energetic breaks – its atmospheric without being melodious. This tune has a real daytime feel to it! The success of this track comes from not doing too much to it.

Track 5 – OK, more serious from the outset, faster and darker noises with harder edges. Attach your rocket burners to your shoes because this track is aptly named Spaceflight, and it has real energy! Quadra seems to be able to do this but retains a really funky feel throughout! This track will destroy the Coronet on the 29th. Hehe

Track 7 – This is more psychedelic than most of the other tracks. Middle of the night stuff! Rest assured that it’s still funky though, and I like the fact that this tune is not scared of getting down and dirty.

Track 8 – This a deep builder, phat baseline, electric tweaks and reverberating synths. An unfortunate melody emerges but does get abandoned eventually for an excellent climax to the tune and a powerful break.

Track 9 – More of a punchy staccato baseline, its very funky and 'stomping' inducing. Nice echo effects with the sound scapes - Again the melody rears its head for a wee wile, but off with its head and back to the groovy baseline. Big build with an excellent outcome - Ye Ha!

There are good elements to the other tracks also so check it out...

----Right! I’m off for a lie down after that…..
Quadra.... reprezent!! :punk: :speaker: :punk:

We'll see them live soon enough :Wink3: Looks like a great album....


whirling mathematician
hey guys

if you've heard this album can you take a look at this thread:


and lemme know if that track features... its 6:51 in length as i have it... and please dont crucify me :unsure: :hehe:

if that one track on there i'm buying this tomorrow - if the whole lp is the same as i what i got (pure class) then i'm buying it yesterday

edit - a bit more description. it opens with a big etnoscope-style pad, and some squelches... its got patterns of woodblock/bongo kinda noises running through it, drumtrack itself is a bit housey... all the drum sounds are quite reverby and wet but in a perfect crystal clean way. loads of big swells up to the phrase marks, and noises spiralling into vast amounts of tape delay... there's a brilliant "gnarly" ripping synth thing, which happens a lot, but notably at an amazing break around 3:30. thats about the most 'psytrance' synth, most of the others remind me more of laurent garnier or something.

Will Dogon

oooh yes sirreee....looking forward to getting this in the post.

But did anyone see him play @ Boom.....grumpiest man i've ever seen behind the mixer....not one smile and he didn't really seem too into what he was playing.....i dunno...is it an image thing or what?? Got up close to try & get him to crack a grin a coupla times...but he wasn't having it.

Music was fookin wicked tho...can't wait to get the album

:rocker: :speaker:


Direct DJ
well lookin forward to this dropping thru my door, Some full groovy psychedelic trance, coming our way, just what I needed. I have got Biotonic coming too fingers crossed for them be corkers!!

Nice reviewing Discostu!! :Smile3:


Yeah he did look quite serious at Boom, however I'd prefer that than a dj of the Chicago variety who 'interacts' with the crowd to such an extent that he forgets to mix!

Will Dogon

discostu said:
Yeah he did look quite serious at Boom, however I'd prefer that than a dj of the Chicago variety who 'interacts' with the crowd to such an extent that he forgets to mix!

HAHAHAHA...i know what u mean....what was he doing? (Air guitars at the ready) :lol:

Saying that tho'....i do like to see the dj/live act really getting into what they're playing...giving some energy out....Menog, who played just before Quadra really suprised me and what he was playing blew me away (I'm sure it wasn't just the 'cid)..and he really looked like he was into what he was making and loving it..giving out lots of energy...big grins and lottsa grooooving :bananada:


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Yeeeeeeee, i ordered this just t'other day only reason becasue he is playing at wingmakers and i wanted a little taster, but from what people have said sounds like it shopuld be a good'un :Grin:


Jon Kenobi

So uncivilised
Listening to this now and its good stuff....cant really say too much more than that really....no faves as yet...all sounds pretty consistent to me.
How would you rate this compared to Biotonic album Paul? Biotonic samples sounded a bit lacking in substance for me.


Jon Kenobi said:
Biotonic samples sounded a bit lacking in substance for me.

What I thought as well. Will by-pass this one.
Not so for Quadra though :Wink3: