Quality Audio laptop for £1000 tops?

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ello im hunting for a good laptop for audio work, been l;ooking at the models in toys -r -us and aldi they seem full spec very nice centrino's, but i read a few bad reviews, anyone tried these out?

anyadive welcome

mate i wouldnt get the ones they sell in pc world or toys r us :Wink3: check out the audio laptops from these sites:




also check out midi interfaces @



with mobile firewire soundcards you can power them off the firewire port on your laptop. so you can go sit out in the garden and make music (basically not have to plug your soundcard into a mains socket). also really good if you do some DJing cuz you can record live sets really without having to plug into a wallsocket.

really good firewire mobile soundcards are:

edirol FA101. 10 in, 10 out. 2 preamps, S/PDIF in/out, funky looking red breakout box :Wink3:

m-audio firewire 410. only 2 in 6 out. 2 preamps, S/PDIF in/out, funky looking breakout box (but with cheapy plastic rotaries). cheaper than the edirol.

presonus firebox. 6 in, 8 out. 2 preamps (really fking good ones too), S/PDIF in/out. most expensive of the lot.

i wanna trade in my delta 1010 for a presonus firepod (10 in, 10 out, 8 preamps [!!!], digital in/out, rackmountable soundcard), but i wont get a good resale value on my 1010. shame cuz the firepod looks amazing.

a laptop with a fast CPU (the fastest you can afford + memory to support it) + an external firewire soundcard like a presonus firebox is a pretty sweet setup to make music on. good luck finding a decent machine.
cheers m8, yeah i look into it, btw the maudio firewire 410 r the worst ever !!!!! very buggy cards asnd unstable in my experiencei has to send mine bak, very unhappy drivers , shame nice looking card but wouldnt do the job, gonna go for the edirol FA-101 now :Smile3:
firewire 410 gets good reviews but i dont really like m-audio's drivers either. i want to sell my 1010 cuz it gives me alot of problems with MIDI syncing - it just doesnt like my virus b.
wowow nusystems have got real nice systems only 200 quid more than aldi tat, thik im gonna go for one of these centrino dothian, thanks for link m8 ! cheers
I'd go for any of the ones that are designed specifically to be DAWs. Digi Village and Carillon are now making audio laptops for instance.
you seem to get a lot of power for your money with a novatech laptop.......

but i don't have any experience with them (i'm looking to get one myself) and would be like to read some reviews etc. before commiting.

(don't want to spend all that money and have the keyboard fall off after a couple of months you know...)

happy laptop hunting.....

nusystems tend to be a bit expensive, whoever said digi village they are pretty good for getting stuff. their b stock stuff is better than turnkeys (some of turnkey's b stock is really beat up :Sad: )

i think digital village is www.dv247.com. worth checking them out cuz half their stuff is waay cheaper than nusystems.