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Q How does a DJ change the tempo of his set whilst mixing?

Erm ... if you're in the mix you are constantly matching the beats by changing the tempo of the "incoming" song.

By that reasoning, the set is limited to the BPM of the first song chosen.

What if you want to start slow and gradually build up speed?

Answers on a postcard. Thanks, Simon
Wait for the bits without the beats :partysmi:
here's a trick i heard one day.. apparently employed by the legendary carl cox...

if you want to speed up and slow down without the crowd really noticing, do it on the 32nd beat.. ie the bit where a cymbal or punctuation in the music occurs, or in other words a point where you would start your mix from.

The audience can generally tell if you've changed tempo if you do it at any other point in the phrase.. they can hear the pitch change(unless you've got master tempo on, but that doesn't come without it's own special 'additions' to the sound so I'd steer clear of it). On the 32, people expect change, so you can slide up even a couple of bpm and it will sound natural and go with the flow...

enjoy the ride/slide.....

or find some tunes that speed up by themselves? i'm sure not all psy stays the same speed throughout the tune, think you can get some interesting effects by speeding the tune up slightly as you go along...