quick question about synths: microkorg vs. micron, any other options?


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hi all,

just got a quick question.

if you had around £220 to spend on a synth for psy production and live work what would you think about buying? my family in LA have saved up to get me a present and mentioned korg Microkorg and the alesis Micron.

i've had a look at user reviews and soundonsound.com's verdicts... i think i'm tending towards the alesis at the moment. unfortunately the decision needs to be made quickly and i don't think i'll have time to check out the options in person...

does anyone have an opinion on either the microkorg or the micron?

and alternatively, is there anything else that you'd recommend getting instead?

many thanks!


Personally I'd go for the Korg anyday, but I may be a little biased. I just love their fat analog sound and I think the Micro is a great little version of what they've done with the MS serious for years. I was worried when I first tried it that splitting up the presets into "trance, d&B, techno" etc, would mean that it owes something to the world of Casio keyboards, but no, the presets are amazing.

I haven't tried the Alesis...

Hope this helps, Rory


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thanks heaps for the responses guys!

my fingers are massive. like freakishly long.

but they're lengthy rather than wide and i'm a violinist, so i'm used to operating with small margins :Smile3: however i think i am looking at getting the alesis at the moment - a coupla things leapt out at me.

firstly the micron allows up to 1000 patches to be saved, 400 of which are user-inits i think... this means (or seems to mean) more flexibility. it also has the ion engine which is apparently rather good... the filters and reverbs are supposed to be fantastic as well.

it's really difficult not to have time to go and physically get to know either of the options... but you can't look a gift horse in the mouth, so i can't really say 'sure, gimme a few weeks and i'll get back to you' :Wink3:

thanks again guys!