Mind Expanding
Hey Guyz and Gals!

Some of you might know me from other forums (Cabbage & psy-news Forum) :ibiggrin:

I'v just found this website! **hangs head in shame** :scared:

Anyphew! yeh Im 19 from Leeds, Im a
BIG! psytrancer, I goto a few PsyTrances nights (cabbage, Kulu) and Im hoping toget to Oxford for Baraka! I'v got my membership through the door the other day raaa! anybody recommend any other good Psytrance nights across the country Let me know! eeeeerm what else to say? eeerm I am a Fire/Poi swinnger only been doing it for 3/4 weeks but I am getting better hehe

well thats about it, my mind has gone completely blank now....Tell me about yourself?!


51% Sweetheart,49% Bitch
WELCOME!! I could recommend a few, but since I've only really started getting off my bum and going to parties lately, I think I may be underqualified. Baraka crew are very cool - had an awesome time with them at the Chillathon.


Welcome! Yeah Cabbage and Kulu rock! Check out Sunrise in Manchester. There's tons of other nights on if ya wanna travel! Enjoy!