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Hey there,

I always have trouble finding tunes that I really like. So much psy out there is just "ok" in my opinion. I have give a a few tunes/artists that are really doing it for me at the moment - anyone got any suggestions??

The sound I like is dark, often minimal and deep but sometimes more having it like rinkadink but still with a dark edge.

Anything by Spirallanz or Middi Millaz it wicked
The Delta
Psychotic Micro - (especially Hommicide)
Rinkadink - (especially blank)
Zerotonine - Sorgenschleifer (my fave tune at the moment)

Thanks :Smile3:
if u like dark stomping music with techy touch and some minimal psychic melodies u should try DOOF rec releases (bonky,kopses,mechanix.......and their comps. as well).

if ur looking for nasty dirty dark psychedelics try-kindzadza, Grapes of wrath, jahbo, vicious spiral, meteloids, winter demon, digital talk.................there are loads..

whereas if u like the very very twisted totally disattached music with metalic and scisofrenic melodies/atmosferes, music to be listened at in the dark forests, try:
ka-sol (my favorite), battle of the future buddhas, trashlords(amazing), kluster, steptime, puro( :wow: ).......and meny other artists releasing on schlabaduerst rec, stonage rec.

have a nice weekend everybody
You know far more about this type of stuff than me Steve, but have you got the Third Trip CD from Parvati? That might be on the right lines...
Kindzadza's new album will be out soon on Parvati
Preacox - Bigwigs/Tromesa side project :punk:
Freaking - Half parasense side project
easy steve - some of my favorite nightmare cds recently:

v/a Zen on Deja Vu records........and another russian one: the new Dissidents comp. on Horns and Hoofs sounds pretty nasty - out this week@chaos

.......trashlords vs psychotic micro on stoneage and also- tales from the dark forest on the same label.......the two discovalley records compilations are full of really nasty earth on digital psionics is another new dark could do worse than check out: Kick Off 2AM on spontaneous aerobics- i played some of that the other night and it was pretty dark - first tune drops into the sugar plum fairy too- done in psycehdelic stylee! oh and- night24hours on inpsyde media
just read the other posts and yeah- doof records for really twisted acidic stuff.....and thete's a shedload of twisted stuff coming from scandanavia- mmmm!!
Can also try South African Vibration, comiled by Spiritual Walker!
Got 2 tunes from Broken Toy, one from Rinkadink & DJ Starspine and so on!

Have a safe journey on the darker side Steve! :punk:
</div><table border='0' align='center' width='95%' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='1'><tr><td>QUOTE (Red five @ Feb 7 2004, 11:58 AM)</td></tr><tr><td id='QUOTE'> track down some stuff by Psychaos / Joti Sidhu...his stuff is wicked, heavy as yer like, but still with some groove.

also try...

3Point Turn
Authentik [/quote:a1782f0b92]
I can definately second that - just wish I could find more material by Joti Sidhu - Most of his releases seem to be on compilations that aren't all that widely available....
Check out my latest Top 10 in the Top 10 section :Smile3: (Blatant plug I know) :peace:

Thanks fot the quick responce lads, will take me a while to track down even half of this little lot (+ require another student loan to afford it all :Sad:)

Heard some of the suggestions before but ont many.

Cheers again :Smile3:

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aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! [/quote:7d6e7f250d]
Yaiii! :punk:

Guy tried to leg it some months ago; only to be recaptured and increase his sentence;well done :no: