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Hi Peeps,

I've actually been a member here for some time, but I've been away for 9 months and in that time this place has grown and changed beyond all recognition, so I thought I'd better reintroduce myself :Smile3:

I've been living in Holland for nearly 7 years, and the last 9 months I've been in India and Australia; but I'm back now to live here for the first time since I was 19 (scary!). At the moment I am in Cornwall (if anyone hears of any good parties around here please let me know), but at the end of next month I'll be moving to Bristol :Smile3:

I DJ for Boom records so I'll be wanting to whore myself out for some gigs soon :Wink3: And if any of you have a fast internet connection and want to download some mixes just click the website icon next to this :Smile3:

take it easy and looking forward to seeing some of you out and about :Grin:

Greetings from sunny Bristol! We have Tribe of Frog here which should be starting up again in September bi-monthly, there's a rumour that Planet Shroom could get going again later this year and there is Aqueous a new smaller night which is set to explode if Jon and his associates get their way! That with all the lovely free parties that are held relatively nearby should make for an interesting time for you here!!
Hiya Lurk,

Welcome to the forum, c ya at a fest near you...soon

Hello mate !!!

Long time no, err ..... read ?

Welcome back though man !!!

iv neva seen u post b4 fukin newbie