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does wack mean bad? because i don't think you'll find many who think reaktor is bad...

also quite hard to offer help because don't know whether you're using the preset synth models or trying to make your own...


Junatik is one of my fave synths of Reaktor4 mainly because of its simplicity and phaaaatness and the sequenced percussive synth, cant remember what its called but its red n white, a bit fiddly to get yer head round but bwoyeee you can generate some crazy loops.

Reaktor is by no means whack my man

ps. soz for not getting back with the NFO red.

Drat Mafia

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you've just gotta fiddle, no on can help you that much cos theres too much ground to cover. Reaktor rocks :Smile3:

Drat Mafia

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you got reaktor 4 then.....Im more of a version 3 man feels a bit more amateur, you can go in and rip synths apart and put em back together in odd ways, the machines in 4 seem very complete, I dont get the same urge to rewire them. However that big boy synth, the one with all the xy controllers, that is fucking sick, sounds incredible


Pie Fly
Red five said:
am getting some nice shit out of the steam pipe synth.
Yay string thing.
I had a go a constructing my own synth on there but I need to go and read up a bit more me thinks. Maybe go and get myself a dagree in it first.


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psyfi said:
Maybe go and get myself a dagree in it first.

Glad its not just me :Sad: Reaktor made me feel like my brain was too small...

Is it really all that? Maybe I need to have another look at it...


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It is very cool, but if you make your own, it will take longer than making sounds on VA synths. Since I'm starting out, I'm concentrating on VA's, as I can make the sounds quicker there, but I'm sure once things get easier I will look at Reaktor (I also need to get hold of it first...).