Reanimated Aberfal Frequencies

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Im almost at the point where i my kids are old enough and i have the enough spare time to start doing radio shows again.

It would be good to dust off those shoes.

all my old psymusic radio software has gone though.....however the Internet is ethernet now so I don't have to worry bout WiFi bonk
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Yes yes yes!

Join me (subject to contract) on thursday (tomorrow) 24/10/18 for when i shall be dusting off my PsyMusic Radio boots and recording a mix live on air.

9pm (ish)

Do turn up and heckle my ridiculous attempt at biting off more than i can chew in the chat box.

What could possible go wrong?
problem is i dont live in Aberfal anymore. But i cant think of a new title.

Unless 'Penryn Oscillations' doesnt sound too shit
Cheers Bez. I think I need an external soundcard to solve my audio issues
I will be uploading the mix i recorded on THursday on Psymusic Radio tomorrow. Ive just listened to it and it doesnt sound too shit.
Its looking slightly likely that my next PsyMusic Radio show will on Thursday (15/11) eve. Starting at around 9/9.30 pm UK time. Sounds will be an eclectic mix of wonk, acid, chill, techno and electro.

Be there!
i cant seem to get my signal that i stream to have any bass in it.

Edit. I have bass now. Just need to re jig a few things and wait for a cable to show up. If all goes well ill be up and running by thurs
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Penryn Pulsations? Perambulations? Palpations? Pitches? Partitas? :lol: (sorry)

I must say, I have enjoyed your recent mixes very much in the last few weeks - once or twice they were Go Tos when I didn't know what else to put on, so yeah, nice one! Fingers crossed for your cables. If I'm home Thursday, I will try to remember and tune in.
Blimey. Thanks. Fiver in the post.

I think the show is gunna just be called 'Reanimated Frequencies'
Acts of Wotan aside, im set for Reanimated Frequencies Vol.2 tomorrow night. Expect eclectic bleeps and bobs ranging from 90-120 bpm. So its a more sedate run out then.

If the whiskey kicks in I may play some quicker stuff later. But with so many tunes I have to set parameters on my shows otherwise I fall apart mentally. Tomorrows parameter = 90-120 bpm.

Thursday 15/11 @ 9pm (ish) UK time.