Reanimated Aberfal Frequencies

Added to Calendar: 20-11-20

My next show will hopefully be on Thursday 6th December@ 9pm UK time.

Sound parameters will include 120-128 bpm techno followed by some 128-138 progressive, or 'psygressive' as some people call it. Luckily Ive been asked to dj in a pub mid-December, and the peeps have requested psy sort of stuff. So i'll have a hour or so of that ready for my show.
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tonite will hopefully spring forth with me playing live on psymusic radio. Techno & Progressive. 9pm uk time
Next Thursday 10th Jan ill hopefully provide you with some banging warehouse style techno on psymusic radio.
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And he said unto them; 'Behold ye, techno thursday is upon us. Thus many 4/4 beats will be amongst you. Go forth and tune in at 9pm tonight and pray to Him and his unholy 303. Terrible knockings will come forth from your speakers and naughty dancings within your earhole shall be procured'. ANd thus the tablet of bass decreed that within the waves of PSYMUSIC RADIOTH something wonderful shall occur.

Thus toked Zarathustra
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Forget about piddley social conventions and instead join me on Thursday 14th for a couple of hours (ish) of random beat selection (by me, for you). 9pm (ish) start UK time.

Musical parameters: 90-128 bpm. Genres included: techno, acid, electro, ambient, glitch and electronica. Some of it nice, some of it not so nice.

Mixed for home listening and for the discerning ear drum.
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cant seem to connect tonight so may have to postpone my show until i get this sorted.
TOMORROW's show from me will start 9pm (uk time) for a couple of hours.

Show parameters: 150-170 bpm; mutant electro, braindance, acid & drum n bass.

Some of it nice, some of it not so nice.

the plan is: technoid take over on Psy Music Radio 11th april.

This coming Thursday evening from around 9pm (uk time)

120-130 bpm. techno.

daytime vibes.
My next show is planned for the 16th may. Thursday evening 9pm ish

Parameters will be largely centred around (although not exclusively, allow for some side roads) banging acidic breaks, electro and techno at 140 bpm (ish).

If you would like me to remind you closer to the day please pm me and ill add you to the list.
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Subject to machine malworkage I shall be supplying some boogie on psymusic radio tonite. Probs start around 9pm.
140-150 bpm electro, techno, electronica and braindance.
I tink my next show will be Thursday 13th June. I haven't done a slow bpm show for quite a while, so its gunna be 80-90 bpm parameters. Mostly mellow and nice, perhaps the occasionally wrong-un thrown in. We will have to see wont we
as I seem to be rapidly running out of july it looks like my july psymusic show will be on thursday the 25th @ 9pm. If all goes well and machines do my bidding.
So the plan still is to play some tunes tomorrow evening on the psymusic radio.

Its either gunna be 180bpm+ fucked up mindwarp shizzle in protest against Boris Johnson. Or some midtempo melodic acid (in protest against Johnson).
my next show on psymusic radio should be on the evening of thursday 22nd.

Music policy for this one is acid,electronica, techno, electro and that.

Probs gunna start at 124 bpm ish @ 9pm
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