Reanimated Aberfal Frequencies

Added to Calendar: 20-11-20

my next show on psymusic radio should be on the evening of thursday 22nd.

Music policy for this one is acid,electronica, techno, electro and that.

Probs gunna start at 124 bpm ish @ 9pm

You mean Psy-Trance !??!! :Smile3:
tonight is still on the cards. 9pm start: electro, electronica, ambient, techno and acid!
next show will be on the 19th. Thurs, next week. 9pm+

Parameter will be 128 bpm - 133 bpm (ish etc). Breaks, techno electro, alien bass and electronica. The usual nonsense then
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October's show will represent a year of Reanimated Frequencies! (since I had a 6 year break)

To celebrate im going to play atleast an hour of psytrance ! Plus an hour or so of some other bits including psybreaks and techno etc.

This will happen on the Thursday 17th October at 9pm onwards

you have been warned!
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this thursday eve (17th) im going to be playing 2hours of psy-related music on psymusic radio.

Psytechno, psybreaks, progressive & psytrance! Of all things. Harking back to ten years ago when i used to play this sort of thing in grimy south west clubs and lovely south west woodland glades. So there will be lots of music thats ten years old, atleast.

Looking to start at 9pm ish.
my next psymusic radio show will be on Thursday 21st November starting at 9pm ish.

Sounds will include a moody mixture of electro, electronica, techno and acid.

Probs 110-130 bpm.
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Thursday 21st nov 9pm+ on PSYMUSIC RADIO. I will be providing a journey thru weird electronic music. Phat sounds, glitched out soundscapes, melodic wonk and questionable motives. Various forms of :- techno, electro, acid, glitch, ambient, electronica jungle and alien bass. 110-180 bpm.
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The next psymusic show from me will be on the evening of Thursday 19th December. Im going to aim to play some tunes on the mellower side. Electronica, ambient, neo-classical and melodic stuff.

Join me for a ear muffin.
My first radio show of 2020 will hopefully be on the evening next thurs 16th Jan.

I reckon the parameters for the show will be a 'journey through electro; acid, braindance and breaks. 130-140 bpm'.

I'll be trying to keep the music weird as usual.
Be there my hyperbolic paraboloids.
my next PsyMusic Radio show will be on the 20th Feb - a thursday - at 9pm Uk Time.

A heady brew of +160 bpm trippy music. Taking in genres such as acid, braindance, DnB, Neuro, mutant bass and other rubbery nonsense.

Open minded music for an open minded eardrum.
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My next show here on the psymusic radio will be on thurs 19th March. Probs starting at 9pm uk time

As ive been playing nothing but banging stuff since before xmas, this show will be a mellow one.

Probs start at 70 bpm and see what happens.


selections will include bits from the new rob clouth album and the new shpongle static album
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Tonight 9pm, ill be providing some wonk on the PSYMUSIC RADIO
My next radio show will be next thursday - 2nd April- in the evening@ 845/9pm.
An evening of eclectic weird music to help your isolation.

cabin fever sounds, bpms begin at 80 and terminate at 172......

.....going to start slow, with some ambient/electronica, before morphing into some midtempo electro/acid and then finally finishing things off by slowly ramping the bpms up with some moody atmospheric wonk/dnb
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