Reanimated Aberfal Frequencies

Added to Calendar: 20-11-20

Well if you don't, let me know and I might play something otherwise will tune into see what you're up to
Nothing from me on Pie until the mighty ISO5

Im having a lie down til then
Should be making a return to the piewaves next friday evening = 11th sept

with a sesh of electro/techno vibes

830pm start
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tonight is still on the cards @ 830pm

large electro/techno sessionings
120-136 bpms

free shrugs
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ive done a new mix. Heavy Electro sounds

1. Smoke City - Iller Instinct
2. Technology - DRANQ
3. Bad Symphony - Bodro
4. We Mesh - xr/spool:
5. Azymuth - Delta Funktionen
6. Yike! - A2A
7. Assimilate - FLX
8. Breach Out - Datawave
9. MiG-AT 81 - Sibirsky Snickers
10. Black Mirrors - Serge Geyzel
11. Real Pimp - Illektrolab
12. Radius - Tommy Four Seven
13. Napalm Breath - Ghost in the Machine
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if i continue to get over this cold, as i have been doing these last two days, then i will do a show this friday evening -18th sept

probs an electro, braindance & acid mashup.

If there are more than 6 of us we can call it an Acid Grouse session. Keep the rozzers sweet
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that daytime saturday plan might have gone out the window. I may be doing it tonight instead.

once i get home from work ill sort this oot
planning the usual friday night sesh again (2/10). 830 pm beginnings.

Going to play some slow electronica, then electro, tthen bass & then the usual dnb/wonk ender.
Not sure if im doing a show friday as of yet.

If i do it will be experimentalism mash up glitch machine dark fuck off vibe and maybe some acid. Cos im in that sort of mood
experimentalism mash up glitch machine dark fuck off vibe and maybe some acid

work seems quieter today, so it looks good for me turning Pie into a mutant wasteland later on.

Experimental electronica glitch stuff, then some dark minimal dnb to finish off. 830pm start time
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I have a new experimental style mix up. Halloween vibes. Wonky, weird sounds
my next show will be probs this sunday evening. Some mellow electronica stuff with singing on. Ill try not to get tipsy and play banging acid
I'm still on for playing a few tunes on Pie tonight. Going to begin with some mellow electronica stuff.

8pm start on the piestream
Might throw a few random tune shaped things onto pie tonight.
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This friday im planning on doing an electro show.

The usual idea - start slow (100bpm) and getting quicker (up to 145!pm. But i have written down 40 odd electro tunes i wish to play so the hell of choosing the next tune has become slightly easier this time! hurray!
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