Reanimated Aberfal Frequencies

Added to Calendar: 20-11-20

Same thing happening this friday. 11th Dec.

The last 2 shows have been dancefloor style stuff. So its time for some other sounds

I have to be up earlyish on sat so no rinsing it until 2am this time, sadly.
Me & MrHammy are going to be having a 180bpm+ session on PieStream tomoz eve. 23rd December. Approx 830pm beginnage
if anyone wants a WAV of my set from the Rigpa Rinse-out let me know and i can wetransfer it over.
Im not going to be uploading it to mixcloud though.
Same with the TechnoDolly BD folk set. Give me a message and i can send you the WAV
As Jan is the deepest and darkest month I'm going to celebrate by playing some ambient and electronica tonight at 9pm+ on the piestream