ReBirth for free!


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Ribirth is being given away - it's a pain in the arse to download - but I did it after 4 days of trying!

Don't go for the straight download - it'll take days if at all, even on broadband. You need to use a file sharing program as suggested on the download page. You end up with a cd image file which needs to be burnt to cd using the "burn cd image" option (in Nero)

I predict a resurgence in acid techno!

Darren Lynch

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Despite BUYING Rebirth a couple of months ago, I *wince* applaud the giveaway.

And yes, you do sit around in your pants making acid techno tunes.

Still, does anything in Reason out gun those deranged 303s? Also, I love the complete absence of a linear arrangement page in Rebirth - gotta think musically! But this may be masochism on my part.