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I was wondering if any of you knowledgable chaps could point me in the direction of a sound like Cypher, especially 7 Theories in Human Nature, Starting to Feel Very Weird and Anaestesia. That powerful slowish beat with big sounds or basically anything that sounds like Cypher.

Let me help you...
That sound you're talking about was front line. absolutely killer bro.. This shit was THE reason why I loved the music.

The Cypher Album was on Twisted - similar stuff? well... Look out for the old 12" 4 track on ? records (question mark records) - fuck me sideways. Proper.

Mmm... Difficult to say really coz itz old and part of it's charm was the analogue inventiveness of the sound.. rare these days..

Try the Old X-Dream Album, "Radio". That will rock your boat. Truss.. :ph34r:

Old GMS back cat will do it for you too.. :Wink3:

Synthetic - 100% pure on Solstice, as the man said :smoke:

Deedrah - anything you can find on PSYSHOP or CHAOS will be good. :cool:

Midi-miliz and Spirallianz are in that area but just not as musical... :Sad:

Some of the slower Silicon Sound tracks are on a par musically but a bit too clean.

My tracks are all of an ilk but they're here and you're there..

I'm tempted to suggest some deep-psy-house coz it's up-to-scratch but that's a whole different story...

I feel for this style soooo much but can't really suggest any more..

Check out: Chebel & Benicci - Ride
Tom Middleton - Cosmos

Psycraft can hit the button too and so to can Protoculture

I would certainly suggest Orion. Please check him out if you don't already know him. Awesome.

Cosma will go to some emotional depths of melodic prose too...

I strongly suggezt you try these artistes and look forward to your successful listening..

Peace bro. Good luck, you've clearly got good taste.
Cypher album is absolutely wonderful but I wouldn't really agree on your suggestions Zaven! Don't get me wrong; guess it has to do with headspace and cerebral connections of sound!
I know you know your music mate and you are very opinionated about it but just this pair of ears fails to hear the connection! :Wink3:

Say Juno Reactor springs to mind under "7 Theories in Human Nature" spell with just a bit of Loopus in Fabula for good measure, while "Anaestesia" def goes into Quirk territory!

Btw "Do you wanna do it" is it Daft Pank or is it just me??
While you may not agree Ozric, I fail to see the point of interjecting without resolve.


Fair enough you may disagree... :Smile3: ...

But in retrospect - I though my suggestions would certainly surfice or would (at the very least) be the nearest thing thereafter 'EmpTy' might find about these realms of music to satisfy his ana-longing..

indeed I forgot - your suggestion of Juno Reactor is definately THE next best thing to suggest..

So Check it out eMpTy... Juno reactor back catalogue is waiting... :Wink3:


Do you wanna, Ozric? I'll have another listen tonight and tell ya in my inimitable and unrelenting opinion...

Hey Zaven!

I didn't interject without resolve cause there is nothing to resolve here you see!

And even if I did interject, I just mentioned what parallels said tracks spring to mind (my mind note :Smile3: ), while staying bemused that different ppl see different things. No offence there. Say Protoculture really rock my boat but I wouldn't associate em with Cypher. Same for Spirallianz. But you would and am cool with that. Just because I fail to see the connection it doesn't mean there is no connection to your ears. Or to other ppl ears!

Am awaiting for Do you wanna do it btw! :lol:
Sorry Oz... My apologies to you.. I know what your saying. :Wink3: - Protoculture is not the same as Cypher - and Spirallianz are a fair way off too... I was perhaps a little over excited to recommend some enjoyable tuneage to our man here...

I only suggested 'resolve' as far as; you may not agree my suggestion (but) without an alternative suggestion (with reasoning and explanation) to help our man - there is little point in just pure disagreement -

Couldn't think of anything else on a par..

Can you believe I had 'Do you wanna..' on Cue last night but never got around to playing it...

Was busy rifling through the Aquabatics/Vatos/Phase2/Altom/BPM/ albums for a decent tune... Just one...please....anything...???

Yeah, love some of those Reaktor songs and love the "Do You Want To Do It" he he he he hee he, specially the second half.

Cheers guys.

My Recomendation For This Month Is defenitly
Hydrophonic - Aquabatics

go check this awesome production! :bananada: