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Hi all.

I want to buy the missus a psy/chill CD. Last xmas I got her Entheogenic which she thinks is fantastic and plays all the time.

I don't have time to constantly keep my eyes/ears on what else is around, so was hoping someone could recommend something equally good.

I'm thinking of something very chilled, meditation-like, suitable for yoga, with psychedelic animal noises, you know the thing!

Cheers for any help.


As for me - I'll stick to the Space Buddha & Electric Universe! :Grin:
Bluetec on Aleph Zero records (double cd) is fantastic.
gaudi's bass sweat and tears certainly has the staying power to be going round your heads thru 2005... but more of a worldy/dubby vibe than entheogenic.

may be worth poking around Androcell's Emotivision, very smooth slomo and has the sort of soaring, swooping vibe that entheogenic has.... though if you've not got her blumenkraft yet, you really should :Wink3: