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I'm really into about a million different sounds at the moment and I'm not entirely sure what connects them. I thought maybe if I told you boffins what I liked about certain things I've heard you might be able to spot the patterns and help me find musical bliss. I don't have a lot of money, and don't want to buy records that I'm not gonna like...

Here are some people I like:

Son Kite: I never really heard any progressive (to my knowledge) until I heard some tunes from the Colours album. Jukebox, On Air, and Stars Within Us are all beautiful. Is all progressive like this? If so I love it forever. Their kicks seem really different from most trance - a lot softer but (I think) a lot nicer. I'm obsessed with Underworld (is that kosher here?) and these guys gave me the same feeling that Underworld do which is pretty much the highest accolade I can award. I've heard Freq are supposed to be good, reckon I'd like them?

Parasense: So evil and dark and twisted and psychedelic and mental... seems a world away from the Son Kite but I love it just as much. The sound just seems so textured and detailed, banging and brutal yet beautiful somehow. The melody in New Year Rabbit blows my face off. I love dark melodies (Azax Syndrom vs. Toxic - Rain and Gamma Goblins come to mind). Anything like this would be great... I have two of the Discovalley comps and they blow my face off. I love Seroxat too, Death Machine is banging. Ooh, Penta is cool too.

The Delta: All the tracks I've heard by these guys are brilliant, particularly Thing. I love the symphonic air, the length of the tracks and the way they just groove along nicely before exploding. Like the "dark" atmosphere of these tracks more than I like the "fucking scary" atmosphere of Parasense, Xenomorph, etc. I know that Delta is an X-Dream side project, and I've heard Psychomachine by X-Dream but wasn't that impressed (heresy!) The kick/bass is too big and thumping for me. I also don't really dig the guitars in Delta tracks, although it's a lot better done than pretty much any other guitar I've ever heard in psy.

I like some more classic/obvious stuff I've heard as well... the LSD melody is the most beautiful thing I've ever heard in music, I don't think it's possible to better that. (Although if you can prove me wrong I'd be very happy indeed.) Also Psycho (snore, but I do love it) and a tune I heard recently: Chakra & Edi Mis - X-File, has a really nice sound which I'd love to hear more of. My favourite overall general "sound" for a psy artist is probably Rinkadink... not sure what it is, maybe the basslines, but something about him is so funky/playful and banging at the same time, and I love it.

Um, sorry about that massive long description, but if anyone has any suggestions I'll love you forever. Thanks :Smile3:

OOH OOH OOH: Also Prometheus Process - Clarity From Deep Fog, what a tune!

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Let me know if you want any recommendations for good twisted night sounds :Wink3: