record pressing "dub plate" vips " white lables "

silver_dot Apr 6, 2004

  1. silver_dot

    silver_dot Guest

    hi ppl

    a friend recommended u guys on this site coz u know ur sheeet.
    im looking for a record press in london where i can get some tunes pressed to vinyl at a very good price ?

    can anyone help..

    cheers .

    happy easter :partysmi:
  2. makdaddy

    makdaddy Guest

    pop into yer local newsagent, pick up a copy of sound on sound / future music / musich tech / computer music, turn straight to the back pages & take yo pick there's loads of em in there.

    Good luck! :Smile3:
  3. silver_dot

    silver_dot Guest

    nice 1 imak :smokingrasta:
  4. rubio

    rubio Gold Member

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    I am the assistant engineer at 'The Cutting Suite'. A vinyl/cd mastering suite and vinyl master/dub plate cutting studio click here
    The senior engineer is a well known and highly respected craftsman, who is a psy-head by preference :Wink3: and the Kundalini sound engineer. He knows the sound and feel necessary for premier league vinyl cuts and mastering/production techniques using the very best equipment.

    We can gladly offer all, the best price, the best equipment and the most switched on engineers. Look no further......

    Current clientele EVP, Error corrective and WildThings records.

    PM me for prices and psy-forum special treatment. :peace:

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