recording sounds on the move


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I want to record bits and pieces of sounds and performers while travelling. The problem is I cant travel with a dat recorder and a fragile 500£ mic(cant afford it anyways). What can be used instead, the md solution seemed reasonable, then recording back to the computer seemed to be a problem. Maybe these new mp3 players with a nice condenser, dont know, heeeelp :Smile3:
I ve a Mac G4 and recorded all my mds without problem. I just conneced the md to da Mac. Used "Sound Studio" & that s it. Sound quality s not the best ever but more than good if what u r looking for is a portable recorder.
I remembered that i had some problems when i wanted to record an md to my other cpu (Pc Athlon 900Mhz). I used CoolEdit & dont know the reason but the wave recorded was fucked up.
Maybe u should look 4 more info about which program u can use when recording from MD.
Ott's the residential Man Who Has Used All Manner Of Mics, so you're best off asking him. As far as I know Rode (who are usually really good value for money) do a small condenser mic (NT3) for about a hundred quid. What you choose to record on is entirely your choice. I haven't heard about MD being difficult to record from (though I'm aware Sony can be really arsey about such things), XItel do a widget which allows direct digital transfer between MD and PC without having to go via analogue.