red boots..where to buy?


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I'm looking for my perfect red boots, you know when you imagine something for ages in your head, you just have to get it exctly cos you've imagined how it must be too much?
Anyone got ideas for good unusual shoe places? online? the nearest way i can describe them is flat soled (or chunky), red, ankle or a bit higher, lace ups, similar ish to some art company designs...
my dream boots...


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Have you thought of browsing on e-bay? There are hundreds of listings for footwear and you can narrow it down to style, size, colour, and put in keywords for your search. I just bought some fabo boots off there for Glastonbury- I just hope it doesn't rain 'cos they're suede!


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look for buffalo boots - i think they have a couple of shops in london, one somewhere in camden and the other on Neal Street.

they do all sorts of boots but my personal favourites are the ones they do with really heavy clumpy soles. they are lace up and about ankle height, it varies depending on what style you go for.

I've been wearing various pairs of buffalo boots and also their clumpy shoes for many many years and they are without a doubt the comfiest most versatile shoes I have come across. I even got married wearing a silver pair of buffalos!!! :Smile3:

they can cost as much as £90 for a great pair of boots but some of my pairs have lasted 8 years now and they still look fairly good!

hope that helps.