Top 10 Red Five Top 11 for August/September

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jah mangled spanner
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that would be telling
s'been ages since I had any time for these kinds of antics soooo..

*The Hydrophonic album, i have become near obsessed with this fucker, and it is rarely off the discman/Stereo in my house, so it gets a special place in my heart :wub: *

1) Revolution in Sound > Quadra (Transient)
2) Abstract Energy > Talamasca vs Dimitri DKN (MoonSpirits)
3) Electrical Impulses > Sirius Isness (Transient)
4) Circulation > Quadra (Dragonfly)
5) Circles > Polaris (Solstice)
6) Spray > Altom (Neurobiotic)
7) Rain Forest > Polaris (Alchemy)
8) Shift and Simba feat Judah > Dubmention (Alchemy)
9) Superfly > Aphid Moon (Transient)
10) Lateral Thinking > Tristan & Allaby (Nano)
11) Slide (Groovy People mix) > Dickster Vs Mindfield (Phantasm)
12) Quantum Accelrator > AMD (Nano)
13 ) Too Cool For Fuel > Commercial Hippies and Sim 1 (Nano)
14) Attack and Release > Vatos Locos (Dragonfly)
15) Asthma Attack > Dizee rascal (not psy, no but it's a monster)
16) Guns Don't Kill people / Half Man Half Machine - GLC. (makes work bearable)

I had so long with no chance of listening to music the last few months, and now i can :sob:..just re discovering stuff i bought months ago...
Polaris Circles, this tune rocks still playing what 6 months to a year after its release, quite rare for a psy tune, but it is so perfect init...

Attack and Release Varos Locos, Superb album, my fav I've got recently.

AMD Quantum Accelerator, the first Aphid Moon track I really like, superb production great ideas lots of energy.. good stuff.

Looks like your havin fun there Mr 5!! :Wink3:
hey Mr 5, i like the anarchy in giving 11 in the top 10 - :lol1: :lol1: :lol1:

have fun with the mix - don't stress - do everything with love
hey paul, looking tasty.. vatos were excellent at the omni festival.. really lovely musical stuff!

see ya soon mate