Top 10 Red Five Top 11 for August/September

Red five

jah mangled spanner
s'been ages since I had any time for these kinds of antics soooo..

*The Hydrophonic album, i have become near obsessed with this fucker, and it is rarely off the discman/Stereo in my house, so it gets a special place in my heart :wub: *

1) Revolution in Sound > Quadra (Transient)
2) Abstract Energy > Talamasca vs Dimitri DKN (MoonSpirits)
3) Electrical Impulses > Sirius Isness (Transient)
4) Circulation > Quadra (Dragonfly)
5) Circles > Polaris (Solstice)
6) Spray > Altom (Neurobiotic)
7) Rain Forest > Polaris (Alchemy)
8) Shift and Simba feat Judah > Dubmention (Alchemy)
9) Superfly > Aphid Moon (Transient)
10) Lateral Thinking > Tristan & Allaby (Nano)
11) Slide (Groovy People mix) > Dickster Vs Mindfield (Phantasm)
12) Quantum Accelrator > AMD (Nano)
13 ) Too Cool For Fuel > Commercial Hippies and Sim 1 (Nano)
14) Attack and Release > Vatos Locos (Dragonfly)
15) Asthma Attack > Dizee rascal (not psy, no but it's a monster)
16) Guns Don't Kill people / Half Man Half Machine - GLC. (makes work bearable)

I had so long with no chance of listening to music the last few months, and now i can :sob:..just re discovering stuff i bought months ago...


Direct DJ
Polaris Circles, this tune rocks still playing what 6 months to a year after its release, quite rare for a psy tune, but it is so perfect init...

Attack and Release Varos Locos, Superb album, my fav I've got recently.

AMD Quantum Accelerator, the first Aphid Moon track I really like, superb production great ideas lots of energy.. good stuff.

Looks like your havin fun there Mr 5!! :Wink3:


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hey Mr 5, i like the anarchy in giving 11 in the top 10 - :lol1: :lol1: :lol1:

have fun with the mix - don't stress - do everything with love
hey paul, looking tasty.. vatos were excellent at the omni festival.. really lovely musical stuff!

see ya soon mate

Red five

jah mangled spanner

we have our glade photos back, and theres a particularly nice one of us have a chat...sorry, gurn...